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Words are my thing. It’s in me long before I pursued illustration to tell my stories. If I have to get a second degree, I’d be in English or Literature. I was the bespectacled nerd, just that now I’ve opened up to you (and wearing the contacts).

You tell me your story, and I’ll break it down into words. You get the adjectives, I help deliver. You need it polished, I do the glasswork. You want original, and I’m still your girl. So let’s sit down, have tea, and talk about your big idea.


First things first: Who are you?


The business professional

You need volumes of copywriting materials to amp up your game. You need a sterling resume, a great company profile, and the real stuff that pushes your marketing efforts – the ads, adverts, blog posts, packaging copies, web + print articles that convert and drive sales.

The creative individual

You need a second eye to your brilliant opus – whether it’s a speech, a manuscript, a screenplay, a biography, a novel, a short story, a poem, or even something else more personal that defines you, who you are, and your message.

The private soul

That’s what I, your ghastly friend, am here for.

Whichever your needs may be, you have my word. This is me convincing you that I’m your wordsmith:

Published writing samples



(2013) Articles on print on the 2013 August issue of HighEnd magazine

(2013) Articles on print on the 2013 July issue of HighEnd magazine

(2013) Articles on print on the 2013 June issue of HighEnd magazine

(2013) Articles on print on the 2013 May issue of HighEnd magazine

(2013) Articles on print on the 2013 April issue of HighEnd magazine

(2013) Articles on print on the 2013 March issue of HighEnd magazine

Logo-Sribu-New-black(2012) Assigned writing materials and Branding & Marketing articles for Sribu

(2012) A Continental drift, a food review of my dining experience at Ocha & Bella for BBOOKS
(2012) All packaging copies for Elion Danetus (link)
(2011) Sex Appeal, Shame, and the Life of an SPG, a feature story that appeared on The Jakarta Globe Sunday Edition
(2010) A document about a Catholic retreat, The Good News, for the local church’s newspaper

Selected unpublished writings

(2010) Life: Enduring the Event, an interview with endurance athlete Bob Cooper
(2010) Language: The Edge of Cognitive Power, on the advantage of being bilingual
(2010) The Real Deal, why real estate is worth investing in the economic slump
(2009) The Blue in Black and White is an essay written to imitate the writing style of Franz Kafka
(2006) A series of essays on women’s shopping for an English composition class while attending Purdue University (with instructor’s reviews)

1. A Box of Chocolates: A writer’s biography
2.Women’s Shopping: A personal experience
3.Compulsive Shopping: A literature review
4. Mother’s Words of Wisdom on Shopping: An interview report
5. Organize Yourselves, Shopaholics!
*   Her Ramblings… just for fun, and for extra credit.




Ultimately rates vary depending on the scope and size of your project. I charge on a per-word basis, but flat fees apply in certain cases.

Otherwise, fill me in on the details right away in the form below. Better yet, pitch your needs directly to staciapriscilla [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll get in touch real soon.



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