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What if Disney princesses are real?


Once every month, I share some of the most amazing stuff I’ve piled up around the web, notably the blogs that made an impression on me, like these.


Recently, a Tumblr blog, This Could Have Been Frozen, has been getting lots of media attention for purporting itself to shine a brighter spotlight on people of color. The whole buzz have led many to misunderstood the author for protesting the upcoming Disney animation flick as, um, how should I put it – just another one of their billionth white princess movie.

Slated for release on November 27, Frozen is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen. The movie will star two sister princesses, the Kristen Bell-voiced Anna and Elsa the Snow Queen, which will make up Disney a total collection of thirteen princesses by the end of this year.

For me, it’s interesting how the blogosphere today has the power to respond to a multinational mass media company’s corporate decisions, when ten years ago, nobody had thought of putting their opinions out there. I think it’s also fun to see imaginative artists reinterpreting classic Disney princesses into their own ideal versions.

One artist, a Finnish graphic designer to be exact, has been under my bookmarked list for quite some time, though he kept his princesses true to the Disney original. What Jirka Väätäinen was really putting out there on his blog was his fantastic Photoshopping skills that he learned while attending the Arts University College at Bournemouth in UK. He was able to show how Cinderella, Pocahontas, Mulan, Aurora, and the Disney family of two- and three-dimensional, silver screen characters would’ve looked like if they’re all real people.

You would probably recognize some familiar faces that have inspired Jirka (like a little Kim Kardashian on Princess Jasmine, or a little Michelle Williams on Snow White). Here, have a look:



What do you guys think? Awesome, eh? I’m excited to see if he’s going to come up with the two sisters some time in the near future :)

Speaking of which, on a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, one of the Frozen directors Jennifer Lee, who wrote the script of Wreck-It-Ralph last year, touched upon the essence of the movie and how its storyline’s developed into something completely different from the archetypal princesses (think damsels in distress) of Disney’s past:


There’s a lot of classic tradition that we don’t want to step on, that we really enjoy about Disney, but we also wanted to make some very strong female characters, which we’ve done, and who we think hopefully girls will really relate to, and not just sisters. They are different types and they have their own powers in a way, and even the one that doesn’t have super powers.

I think also that the movie, the story itself is big and complex. It’s not just a simple tale. It’s one that starts with great characters you meet and relate to but they end up on a journey that gets bigger and bigger with a lot of surprises. So, I think we’ve really pushed the scope of the film bigger than anything we’ve done before.



Well, I guess we’ll just have to see about that, don’t we?




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