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An angel’s touch




I AM crying. I cannot stop crying.


Dear God, please help me ease my pain. I don’t want to hurt others through my pain. Please, send me someone whom I can fully trust, someone whom I can fully express my feelings to. Someone whom I know does not judge but listen with open ears. Someone whom I feel safe to be around with.

Someone who I can love.

I don’t want to cry every night like this anymore. My face is starting to show. 

Please, please… Send me someone with whom I can find comfort. Someone who keeps his word. Someone who means all the things he says.

In this night’s thunders and storms, I cannot take it anymore…

I’ve committed to death and a lifetime of dedication to my life’s purpose. 

Please do send me an angel. 




SALUNA is signing off.

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SALUNA: Story of a girl

Once, there was a little girl who reads. A lot.



She would spend all day in her room, hiding underneath the sheets, holding her glow-in-the-dark watch close to the paperback classic. She read words upon words, she gets ideas by the second, and those ideas go away whenever she’s done reading.

To prevent this from happening, she tried to write those ideas down in her own words. On a piece of paper, she wrote down the following words:

My name is Luna. People call me Sal.

On the right-hand side of the page, just on top of the bottom corner, she wrote:

But I love Luna better, because my family calls me Luna.

She folded the piece of paper into half. She went on opening the piece of paper just as she would whenever she opens up to the Harry Potter series, or the books by Roald Dahl, turning the folded piece into a portrait view, the words she had just written reads like a book.

It’s a story! It’s my story.

Then, she smiled to herself.

I’m going to continue becoming a writer when I grow up.

I’m sure her family will be very proud of her.





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When the sun shines we’ll shine together



I AM smiling.

One thing that I’m grateful about this morning? It’s not that important. But it is quite something to note to me.

I’m really fortunate.

I went into Walgreens this morning, the one on Mission. Well, actually, I was scurrying as soon as I got off the 38-Geary bus on Kearny’s stop, and it was raining quite heavily and I was drenched in my hooded sweater once I got to Mission street. San Francisco has been shining for too long, I guess.

I found no umbrellas left once I’m in Walgreens. Luckily, instead of looking for another Walgreens right away, I bought all the stuff I needed to buy on my weekend shopping list (which I carry around in my multifunctional notebook). 

Once I was ready to checkout, the cashier guy smiled earnestly to me. I handed the cash, and I asked: “You don’t have anymore umbrellas, do you?” And he smiled even wider and said, “The Sun has already came up. You won’t need anymore umbrella for the day! Now you can go to your class.” (He wished me a great day too, with a very sincere smile, or you can call me naive). 

Thank God all the umbrellas sold out when I got there in the first place.



SALUNA is signing off.

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