TGIF! (Week 26}



My 2013 began with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

I’ve been practicing the art of counting my blessings every Friday (such as the authentic relationships that I have and other manifestations of abundance not listed here). I believe that at any given circumstance, there is always hope. Always.


♡ I’m thankful for being a girl. I’m a traditionalist at heart, and by being a girl, I have the privilege to be the one keeping quiet instead of doing the daunting job of chasing skirts :)

Chasing is no fun, but I’m lucky that in my job, sometimes I get to act like the boy who only chases the things he wishes to pursue :) I learned that being a qualified boy is more valuable than being a playboy.

Think Lois Lane’s man.


♡ I’m grateful that my family and the closest peeps in my life, who Okaytend to be at least 2 years older than I am, have taught me well: Against all odds, keep holding moral values higher than yourself. I’m blessed to be surrounded by these people.

Nothing valuable in life is done just for show, so better stay safe in the long run, prevent your past from haunting you, and try not to do stupid things.

Like, honestly: You’d rather get rich 50 years later than get rich quick at the sacrifice of your integrity, right? No? Okay.


♡ On Wednesday, my mother brought home a taro bread and a pastry chocked with coconut flakes. I finished them in an instant.

I can’t imagine how awesome it would feel when I’ll be roaming about France later in life (just picture the smell of sourdoughs and passing by castles of cheese!!!)


♡ I’m grateful that it’s been really chilly these days. Somehow I think faster on my trembling feet. Monsoon is way over in Jakarta, but it’s been really dewy. It’s a mellow mood and I like mellow yellow.


♡ Downing warm cups of tea soothes the soul. Even for a minute or two, they help relieve a degree of physical tension. For the fellow worrisome folks, this helps ease you a ton. When you feel so worthless that you can’t give yourself some credit, brewing a cup of tea is the least you can do to keep hustling.


♡ I love how the lady at the toll smiles back at me every morning. Most adults have grown so used to putting their masks on that they forgot how it feels to be sincere.


♡ I’m grateful for the bold people who inspire me and appreciate my authenticity. They give me confidence.


♡ I’m grateful that I stole 30 minutes of my time to writing these little things today. Time is of the essence, and to be completely honest, as I’m writing right now I have more on my worry list compared to the things I have in valuable areas of my life to which I can fully express my gratitude.

I’m suspended every ticking clock by uncertainties and unreliable ledes, but at the same time, I’m obliged to remain objective. At the same time, my life is hanging by a thread. It’s times like these that I don’t know what to do as a mere human in order to fulfill my responsibilities while maintaining a quality result.

Even if I lose myself, I still won’t let time flying pass me at the sacrifice of good work.

Every word, every sentence, every paragraph I leave behind carries a seed of intent. I’ve had my share of redundancies in life and on paper as early as when I was in high school, but now, I’m grateful for taking this passing 30 minutes to just pause and appreciate the finer things in life, most of which are often overlooked on a daily basis.

I can’t afford to waste any more time. I create value for a living out of love, and I can’t allow others to corrupt that value.



Over to you: What are you grateful for this week?


Share your stories in the comments section below :) Happy weekend!




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TGIF! {The 25th}



My 2013 began with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

I’ve been practicing the art of counting my blessings every Friday (such as this tower of roses I received and other manifestations of abundance not listed here). I believe that at any given circumstance, there is always hope. Always.


♡ The new bangs. They’re a constant reminder for me to lift my chin up.


♡ Stanley and I had a really pleasant day last Sunday, a due celebration for being together in the last 2 years. It’s such a joy to have that kind of time – close to a full 24 hours – to actually be yourself. No tolerating criticism, no coping with judgments, no need for hiding behind your masks, your quiet desperations to be who you truly are.


To me, Sunday, 21 June 2013, was a present perfect tense whereby two people spent time together being nobody else but their real selves. Which brings to …


♡  I’m grateful for the authentic relationships that I have. It’s rare to find these days.


♡ The fact that I’m learning something new everyday. Like the many life lessons dogs are capable of teaching humans.

Such a shame watching this video, when thinking about my flaws and all. Don’t know why my perfect 10 loves me, and it hurts even more when time does not permit me to do anything good to express my gratitude.


♡ Another perk of the ability to drive: I’m thankful for minimizing 10’s burdens, even just for a little (okay let’s just dub him 10 from now on – far simpler than a seven-letter word). On Sunday, during one of our heart-to-heart conversations, he let in a brief acknowledgement and said, “I’m thankful you can drive, babe.”

I can understand him better now. We’re still living in a third-world country with major social divides, and most girls need to stay safe by choosing not to drive and have drivers fetching them to and from their whereabouts. This means I save heaps of 10’s time, energy, and effort, considering the hours that can take him when and if he’s stuck in a congestion … just to fetch someone like me.


♡ Mangoes. So sour, so sweet – just what I can’t live without.


♡ Mint tea. A sip of the warmth brings om to the senses. Menthol really brings you to nirvana.


♡ Privacy. I’m grateful that God made us all so different from one another that nobody will ever truly understand each another and the effort each of us have put in into our major contribution to the world. He made us in such a way that we have to take a leap of faith in Him so that we must choose to put trust into one another, cooperate, and work together to prosper in the long run.

Looking at the Internet era we’re currently living in, the Ministries of Big Brother might become real, but I will never love him as I stand firm in truth.


♡ The TGIF! list. Look at the infographic below to see why.

Benefits_of_Gratitude. JPEG


♡ The human mind. It is a malleable tool for solving all kinds of problems, if we let it.


♡ Science. Having graduated from an art school, I learned that to live is to make art.

But, as da Vinci once said, art lives from constraints and dies from freedom

I am thankful for having all my basic human needs covered (i.e. food, shelter, and love), and also thankful for having the resources to go the extra mile and self-actualize. But nobody, not even me, truly knows the self’s fullest potential, as much as nobody will ever know the mysterious workings of God. In a sense, this freedom of having whatever I want and will myself to do, while having all my needs covered, is purposeless and therefore better concluded to an end.

In order to make sense of this existence, I’m grateful for the knowledge and insights the scientific community has provided for the general public. Facts and figures, as constraints, help the self to flourish in the art of living. With science and conscience, life becomes a continuum in which there exists an infinite number of means to meeting multiple sets of ends.

The illustration I did for 10 is an extension of my gratified self crystallized, then actualized, into reality.





Going long is not as bad as it looks.

He likes it :)

He likes it :)


♡ I know I’m getting too philosophical, but you, my reader, is just like me, an intelligent human being with a creative purpose. It feels great for me to have you listening to my words.

In real life, I tend to keep myself quiet and just listen. But when it comes to writing, I believe I’m making a dent in the world somehow.


What is your dent? What are the little things, or the big ones, you’re grateful for this week?


Share your stories in section below, and hope you have a merry weekend :)




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TGIF! {The 24th}



My 2013 began with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

I’ve been practicing the art of counting my blessings every Friday (such as being yourself and other manifestations of abundance not listed here). I believe that at any given circumstance, there is always hope. Always.


♡ My pessimism. Even though my immediate negative thoughts often overwhelms the present self, being a natural skeptic about near-future events often ensures me to be extra careful when I’m doing whatever I set myself up to do.

I may have made it a habit to load my mind up with worries 24/7. It’s daunting. But I’m learning how to replace the long bouts of mentally rehearsing worrisome thoughts into mindful meditation on the Word.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (ESV) give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Besides, in reality, some things that never happen are never for me to worry about in the first place.


♡ I may be blue all the time, but these roses are really, really pink. On the night of June 19th, 2013, I came home to find this sitting neatly on my table :)






It was one really crowded, really sunny day …

♡ My sunglasses. They keep the areas around my peepers, where you see first signs of aging, away from UV rays and ultrabright sunlight when I’m driving everyday.

My neighborhood was briefly submerged earlier this week from just one night of downpour, but for the rest of the week, the sun’s been scorching everything it shone on so far.


♡ Anywhere in the world with a wireless internet connection. That awesome moment when you found it for free :)


♡ My recent epiphany – During a sermon service facilitated in my office today, I suddenly realized that language makes a big difference on people’s thinking patterns. Well, duh.

On the service I heard the Indonesian phrase “terima kasih” a lot, which translates to “thank you.” Then I thought, hey, if it’s translated word-for-word, “terima kasih” means “receive love/give.” It’s a passive verb to say when you’re responding to someone’s act of kindness, thereby noting the act of receiving gift. In contrast, the act of saying “thank you” itself is a proactive verb, almost as if to say, “I’m expressing my gratitude to you by saying thank you” to give away some kind of a leave behind for the actor of kindness.

In my efforts to practice gratitude, I now choose to think of my blessings the Indonesian way.

Life itself is a gift from my parents, and for as long as I’m alive, I’m indebted to them for my contributions to the world. It is a lifelong act of receiving the gift of life and love. The least I can do is be kind to myself as I am to others.


♡ I’m thankful for the abundant stock of bananas I always have around at home. Whenever I feel stressed, anxious, or just plain moody, I down two pieces like a desperately hungry monkey. The yellow stuff is loaded with vitamin Bs and potassium, which calms your system down from head to toe.



♡ Besides the bananas, I’m thankful for the comfortable shelter, the ample wardrobe, and the sense of belonging at home that I have. I feel safe, and because of that, I feel a deeper need to give back to my givers and providers more. I owed a lot to them and probably never will be able to pay back all the love, care, and attention I’ve been given.


♡ I’m hopeful at heart. Deep down, I’m still fundamentally an optimist about a better, more positive future. Everyone can benefit from greater harmony and peaceful engagements amongst ourselves – no cover-ups, no lies, no putting on fake faces everyday, the faces we slowly learned to put on once we become grownups.

The hard part is … it all has to start with the self. An individual can only have peace by always keeping in touch with the inner child.

As Margaret Mead once said, “I was wise enough to never grow up while fooling most people into believing I had.” Wise indeed.


What about you? What are the things you’re grateful for this week?


Share your stories and blessings in section below :) Happy weekend!




TGIF! {The 23rd}



I kicked off 2013 with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude all year long.

I’ve been practicing counting my blessings every Friday (such as these things, or the abundant, innumerable things not listed here). I believe there is always hope. Always.


♡ Books. The good ones nourish the mind, enlighten the heart, and invigorate the spirit. The best ones offer insightful ideas to unlock our imprisoned or self-inflicted minds. I love how you feel as if you’re peeking into someone’s train of thoughts on every book.

The more you read, the more they add up to provide perspective.


♡ I have great focus for whatever project or assignment it is I intend to focus on at any given moment.

I know too many self-help books have told the same story, but it’s true: Whatever you put your attention on in life grows and expands with time. If you focus on what you have, as opposed to what you have not, your life begins to expand and grow in that direction.

Thanks to perspective from books (see above).


♡ That said, “we often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude,” said writer Cynthia Ozick once. It’s a great quote that I have stumbled upon recently, for which I’m grateful of having.


♡ Deep, belly breathing. It feels good.



♡ Oxygen. O2 molecules are values floating around thin air that is available for free. People of any age, race, gender, religion, educational background, political background, or any other roots and upbringing have the fundamental human right to take it all in.

I’m thankful to be part of the human race.


 Life recently unfolds into a new chapter and, even though I’ve committed to the art of writing for life as a career, much as it is a time for meditation, for a downtime session, a wakeup call, for fun and play and so much more, I recently realized that in writing and in life, I value quality above all else.

I’m thankful to have found the purpose of my function.

I’m a writer, and I write to encourage others to think for themselves. At the end of finishing a piece, my conscience tells me that the whole thing must constitute a self-evident truth without the need for the writer, myself, to explain my understanding.


♡ I’m grateful for having my writing mostly cut down instead of wholly edited.

It takes effort to produce something well-rounded, and it’s always best to assume nobody will ever understand how much effort I put in to hone the art.

Nobody will ever understand how love operates until they see the result for themselves, because humans have the tendency to seeing first before believing, rather than believing before seeing.

We’ve all seen and missed the 21st-century visionary Steve Jobs, one of the many men in history I’d like to have a date with. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life,” he once said, “and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

I love you, Steve.


♡ I’m not an FA. Ironic how the man of my life came in just when I’ve made a decision to be single forever and rely on myself until the day I die. Took more than a year to really establish the trust we have today.


Tomorrow we’re watching Man of Steel, courtesy of the great service at :) I’m psyched to see my heroine, Lois Lane, the spunky, courageous journalist who’s romantic at heart.


 ♡ Have read the last sentences from the June 2013 issue of Women’s Health‘s cover story, which is deep, yet practical. This is Fast & Furious 6 actress Elsa Pataky’s life philosophy, writes Lara Rosenbaum:

As with any courageous activity, there’s always the risk it might sting.

But it can also lead you to an awesome body, a fulfilling career, and, let’s face it, a sexy (and devoted!) husband.

You just have to leap.

Pataky owes her great butt to an active lifestyle. She’s also the wife of hunky Chris Hemsworth. She studied journalism in college, directed an upcoming documentary on children’s welfare, and will author a book on health with her personal trainer, Fernando Sartorius.

That’s a nice by-line to model after. Except that my husband is not Thor.


♡ Being Stacia Priscilla. Because there is no greater feeling than the freedom to just be yourself  – just as how much you can never be the second-rate version of somebody else other than who you are.

Chinese fashion model Liu Wen

Model Liu Wen clearly flaunting her best, naked soul. You can’t deny the truth in her eyes.


What about you? What are the things you’re grateful for this week?


Spill the beans on the comments section below :) Enjoy the weekend~




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TGIF! {The 22rd}



This part of my personal commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude this year.

The weekly TGIF! list is where I practice counting my blessings, no matter how little or big they are (like these things, or the other countless counterparts not listed here). In doing so, my hope is to inspire you to do the same, because I believe that there’s always, always, always something to be thankful for :)


If you're wondering how I got my skinny genes, it's easy to see where I got them. My family is a five pale bunch of tea-sipping people.

If you’re wondering how I got my skinny genes, it’s easy to see where I got them. My family is a five pale bunch of tea-sipping people.

♡ I am not meaningless. While two of the most important people in my life weren’t by my side, they brought me along in their hearts across the globe. My mother was on an Alaskan cruise and explored the Canadian coast for the past week or so, and stopped by to see my brother over at Beaver town in America’s tax-free state Oregon, whereas most-patient-guy-in-the-world Stanley was cruising through Western Europe and listing towns, cities, and various attractions in his mind where he’d like to take me to in the near future. Both of these two people came home on Tuesday night, June 4th, and went straight home to my room as I lied on my bed staring at blankly at my ceiling – fumed, exhausted, and still completely ill. They both stayed by my side throughout the night and hugged me like they’d never leave me for the rest of my life … and the thought of them leaving any time soon in this cruel world while I am busy minding other people’s business sickens me. I’m thankful for all the gifts they brought back especially for me:



FOUR CHEESES!!! OMG he presented this precious gift the last because he knew I was going to love it so much. He took the time to gift-wrap it, and then when I realized what the towering package was, I laughed out gleefully and hugged it like a bolster by my side and I looked up and saw him looking down at me, looking just as happy and grinning his widest. I could count his teeth but my brain couldn’t think properly as I was hugging the cheeses. “Eat them ok, don’t hug them to sleep,” he instructed me.


I stacked the scented lavender soap on my face while resting on bed. It felt good to take a calming breather.



My mother’s got a whole stack of Alaskan dark chocolate bars in her fridge. This is just one I grabbed and finished in an instant that night.


And what do you know? Stanley brought a stash of dark chocolates too. As well as another set of Pralines that I don’t take photographs of, because I finished all of them before I took the time to take pictures of them. Heh.



Teas. More teas. Canadian teas. Complementary bags stolen from the cruise. And more teas to soothe the soul. They knew without my daily tea, I can’t live. I’m not sorry for how high-maintenance I am. Okay, that sentence took a lot of effort to say, as it required much restraint from people-pleasing … one of the many efforts I’m making to stop trying to be perfect for everyone else but myself. That night, even my own mother said to me: “You are not a robot. You shouldn’t be hurting yourself so much. You are selfish in doing so, because you’re hurting the people who loves you,” she pointed at herself and Stanley.


♡ I am a servant (and child) of God. Mother’s word of wisdom: “If you want to die-die work, might as well die-die surrendering to the Lord rather than die-die surrendering to people.” Yes, that’s what my own mother said, referring to my baptism, which was in early March.

The point: If you’re going to throw yourself into anything, might as well be something worth your value. True that.

Lesson learned: Always weigh the reward with the risks.


♡ Well, I’m just thankful I have a mother who’s wise. There are people in this world who do not have one, or no longer have one.


♡ The usual freebies.

DSC00315 DSC00316


♡ I’m thankful for being a writer, because all writers have the skill to read between the lines. Particularly in predicting the hidden agendas and intentions behind people based on factual events, because the job is to keep account of truth. Unfortunately, my self-deprecating thought-patterns do not allow myself to be part of the protection. When it’s too late, it’s then I realized I’m taking place of two-faced, manipulative people who are just plain lazy to do their jobs. Then again, to err is human.


♡ I’m also thankful for being a trusted writer, because I know things that most don’t know that I know.


♡ Greatest lesson ever received in life and work: Just like the monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

When nothing has fully materialized into words or reality, you can always respond with these three wise words: I DON’T KNOW.


♡ I am grateful for being able to do what I enjoy doing. As noted fashion designer Biyan told me during my chat with him, the best thing you can do, as with everything related to creativity, has to come from within. That’s the only way to go about in order to get far and long, just as he did in his 30 years thriving within the fashion industry.

Well, I’m just blooming here, and there’s still the rest of my life to go writing about interesting things this vast, complex world has to offer.






What about you? What are the things you’re grateful for this week? I’m glad to have the TGIF! list to look forward to each week; it’s like a piggybank of blessings. In doing so, I hope my presence provides the hope you need to cope with all kinds of difficulties, no matter how challenging life can only get.

Never stop counting your blessings; it’s the least you can do to appreciate life for what it’s meant for. Enjoy the weekend!




- Image courtesy of enchantology

TGIF! {The 21st}


TGIF! is my personal commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude this year.


♡ So happy for the happy couple :) Couldn’t help but shed some tears …


5 minutes before the movie ends, the tuxedo-donning ‘Pinguin’ appeared out of nowhere to ask the ‘Cute Pinguin’ whether or not she’s willing to spend the rest of her life with him, taking her by surprise and couldn’t help but said yes :’)


The man, Jony, booked seats for the whole blitzmegaplex‘s Velvet Lounge to fit his close-knit circle, so that we could witness his proposal while the theatre’s screening Star Trek Into Darkness. At the closing of the movie, the big screen played a video he prepared months before that featured slides of his own drawings, starring himself as the Pinguin and the woman in his life as the Cute Pinguin. A whole lot of backstory to tell here, but I’ll stop and just want to say I’m so thankful to be a part of it. The night was my first time witnessing a proposal in real life.


♡ Looking forward to the dinner date I’ll be having this Sunday night. With my dad. I can count the number of dates I have in my lifetime with him. I treasure each moment we can take away from our lives to just be together.


♡ Flowers.


Chillin’, waitin’, and spotted this beautiful stalk.


23 months together and counting~If flowers are forever, I can probably keep a garden by now.



Thanks baby


Just when I thought the flowerfest has ended …


The very next day (yesterday), he gave me another bouquet …

Sometimes I wonder whether he’s ever going to get tired, because I’m exhausted of life, but he simply never gives up on me. I’m skeptical from the very first moment we started dating. Somehow he’s always managed to smile in good times and bad times, and being with him has forced me to summon the genuine smile I now have today.

At one point while we were going long, I ordered him to stop sending me in the flowers for fear that one day he’ll disappoint me when he stops sending me the flowers. C’mon, let’s be real – men who send flowers consistently to the woman of their lives only exists in romcoms and melodramas. I didn’t ask for the flowers in the first place.

23 months later, I’m moved by his persistence. The one reason why I ended up saying yes as his girlfriend is because of his daily persistence. (and I literally mean daily). How often do you find a man like that?

I’m thankful for having him. The last bouquet was his way of saying goodbye before he leaves for a European cruise, which was tonight, until June 4. His last words when we met face-to-face last night: “You already made an impact, baby. You create a reason for me to return home to. You,” petting me on my head, “are my home.”

Most of the time, I think his greatness deserves much more coverage than the amount he’s already gracing on this blog.

So. Be prepared to get doubly bored of me raving about my love life.


♡ I’m thankful for living and working under conditions where I am constantly reminded that there are only three things that suffice to fulfill the needs of every human being (including you, myself, and every others) – you require nothing else other than these:

1. Health
2. Shelter/clothing
3. Love and connection

Do you realize the list resonates with Maslow’s hierarchy?


♡ I feel grateful for the aforementioned realization. Harsh conditions and difficult situations are character-building tests masked in ugly disguises.

Daily choosing to review that my only needs are already covered with, namely good health, a home with a roof on top, and all forms of love in my life, is an eye-opening experience that pushes my threshold of tolerance, just as the amplitude of obstacles just keeps fattening up. Which leads to …


♡ I’m thankful for the Truth. It gives me the ability to differ God’s standards from people’s standards.


♡ These new shoes are made for walking and running respectively.


A pair of feet will suffice to create a huge return of investment to a 24-hour’s value.


♡ I’m grateful for the immense curiosity lurking within me. I have a constant thirst for knowledge and understanding. It’s like juxtaposing things together to see the big picture, like putting together a complete jigsaw puzzle. It’s finding the reason behind the maxim ‘everything happens for a reason’.


Though I haven’t quite been able to quit demanding for explanation in every situation, curiosity never fails to guide me into my subjects way beyond the surface/appearance, which are merely the tip of the icebergs that most would usually base all their judgments from.


♡ I’m thankful for being brave enough to pour out my thoughts on my diaries ever since I was little. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be fulfilling the 10,000-word-a-day adage to become an awesome writer.

Now I can throw up on screen all day and select the important pieces of vomit information together for useful purposes, and, possibly, make some big impact for the group of audience who read them. Like what you’re reading now, an item of gratitude.

Being a journalist is awesome because you simply start appreciating each passing moment you’ve been given each day, month, and year. You can do whatever you want, go as far as you want, and be courageous enough to be whoever you want to be, as long as you put it all down into the planner, calendar, diary, journal, or blog, whatever form of viewer you choose. (But the challenges will never stop coming your way too :) you have to be able to swallow the unpleasant things the world freely offers you as you move ahead. Despite so, as long as you maintain your objective as a positive mission, you’ll be fine – you’ll be resilient).


♡ I am literate. The pen is really mightier than the sword, and there are some billion of people in the world who didn’t have the privilege to learn how to read or write – much less eat well and drink clean water.

It’s a pity that wealth distribution is under worldly power. But I trust God no matter what happens. I do my part, you do your part, He does His part. Each of us have a different scope of responsibilities, and my part is smithing words.


♡ This blog.

P.S. Guess where I was at :D

P.S. Guess where I was at :D

A platform for ranting and raving in front of you patient peeps.


What are the things you’re grateful for so far this week? I’m glad to have the TGIF! LIST TO count on every week. It’s like keeping a piggybank of blessings. Through self-reflection, I want to inspire you and let you know that there is always hope TO COPE WITH THE DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE, no matter how CHALLENGING life’s gonna get.


Never stop counting your blessings, people; it’s the least you can do to appreciate life for what it’s meant for. Enjoy the weekend!




Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Knox College