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TGIF! (Week 26}




My 2013 began with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

I’ve been practicing the art of counting my blessings every Friday (such as the authentic relationships that I have and other manifestations of abundance not listed here). I believe that at any given circumstance, there is always hope. Always.


♡ I’m thankful for being a girl. I’m a traditionalist at heart, and by being a girl, I have the privilege to be the one keeping quiet instead of doing the daunting job of chasing skirts :)

Chasing is no fun, but I’m lucky that in my job, sometimes I get to act like the boy who only chases the things he wishes to pursue :) I learned that being a qualified boy is more valuable than being a playboy.

Think Lois Lane’s man.


♡ I’m grateful that my family and the closest peeps in my life, who Okaytend to be at least 2 years older than I am, have taught me well: Against all odds, keep holding moral values higher than yourself. I’m blessed to be surrounded by these people.

Nothing valuable in life is done just for show, so better stay safe in the long run, prevent your past from haunting you, and try not to do stupid things.

Like, honestly: You’d rather get rich 50 years later than get rich quick at the sacrifice of your integrity, right? No? Okay.


♡ On Wednesday, my mother brought home a taro bread and a pastry chocked with coconut flakes. I finished them in an instant.

I can’t imagine how awesome it would feel when I’ll be roaming about France later in life (just picture the smell of sourdoughs and passing by castles of cheese!!!)


♡ I’m grateful that it’s been really chilly these days. Somehow I think faster on my trembling feet. Monsoon is way over in Jakarta, but it’s been really dewy. It’s a mellow mood and I like mellow yellow.


♡ Downing warm cups of tea soothes the soul. Even for a minute or two, they help relieve a degree of physical tension. For the fellow worrisome folks, this helps ease you a ton. When you feel so worthless that you can’t give yourself some credit, brewing a cup of tea is the least you can do to keep hustling.


♡ I love how the lady at the toll smiles back at me every morning. Most adults have grown so used to putting their masks on that they forgot how it feels to be sincere.


♡ I’m grateful for the bold people who inspire me and appreciate my authenticity. They give me confidence.


♡ I’m grateful that I stole 30 minutes of my time to writing these little things today. Time is of the essence, and to be completely honest, as I’m writing right now I have more on my worry list compared to the things I have in valuable areas of my life to which I can fully express my gratitude.

I’m suspended every ticking clock by uncertainties and unreliable ledes, but at the same time, I’m obliged to remain objective. At the same time, my life is hanging by a thread. It’s times like these that I don’t know what to do as a mere human in order to fulfill my responsibilities while maintaining a quality result.

Even if I lose myself, I still won’t let time flying pass me at the sacrifice of good work.

Every word, every sentence, every paragraph I leave behind carries a seed of intent. I’ve had my share of redundancies in life and on paper as early as when I was in high school, but now, I’m grateful for taking this passing 30 minutes to just pause and appreciate the finer things in life, most of which are often overlooked on a daily basis.

I can’t afford to waste any more time. I create value for a living out of love, and I can’t allow others to corrupt that value.



Over to you: What are you grateful for this week?


Share your stories in the comments section below :) Happy weekend!




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TGIF! {The 25th}

Benefits_of_Gratitude. JPEG



My 2013 began with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

I’ve been practicing the art of counting my blessings every Friday (such as this tower of roses I received and other manifestations of abundance not listed here). I believe that at any given circumstance, there is always hope. Always.


♡ The new bangs. They’re a constant reminder for me to lift my chin up.


♡ Stanley and I had a really pleasant day last Sunday, a due celebration for being together in the last 2 years. It’s such a joy to have that kind of time – close to a full 24 hours – to actually be yourself. No tolerating criticism, no coping with judgments, no need for hiding behind your masks, your quiet desperations to be who you truly are.


To me, Sunday, 21 June 2013, was a present perfect tense whereby two people spent time together being nobody else but their real selves. Which brings to …


♡  I’m grateful for the authentic relationships that I have. It’s rare to find these days.


♡ The fact that I’m learning something new everyday. Like the many life lessons dogs are capable of teaching humans.

Such a shame watching this video, when thinking about my flaws and all. Don’t know why my perfect 10 loves me, and it hurts even more when time does not permit me to do anything good to express my gratitude.


♡ Another perk of the ability to drive: I’m thankful for minimizing 10’s burdens, even just for a little (okay let’s just dub him 10 from now on – far simpler than a seven-letter word). On Sunday, during one of our heart-to-heart conversations, he let in a brief acknowledgement and said, “I’m thankful you can drive, babe.”

I can understand him better now. We’re still living in a third-world country with major social divides, and most girls need to stay safe by choosing not to drive and have drivers fetching them to and from their whereabouts. This means I save heaps of 10’s time, energy, and effort, considering the hours that can take him when and if he’s stuck in a congestion … just to fetch someone like me.


♡ Mangoes. So sour, so sweet – just what I can’t live without.


♡ Mint tea. A sip of the warmth brings om to the senses. Menthol really brings you to nirvana.


♡ Privacy. I’m grateful that God made us all so different from one another that nobody will ever truly understand each another and the effort each of us have put in into our major contribution to the world. He made us in such a way that we have to take a leap of faith in Him so that we must choose to put trust into one another, cooperate, and work together to prosper in the long run.

Looking at the Internet era we’re currently living in, the Ministries of Big Brother might become real, but I will never love him as I stand firm in truth.


♡ The TGIF! list. Look at the infographic below to see why.

Benefits_of_Gratitude. JPEG


♡ The human mind. It is a malleable tool for solving all kinds of problems, if we let it.


♡ Science. Having graduated from an art school, I learned that to live is to make art.

But, as da Vinci once said, art lives from constraints and dies from freedom

I am thankful for having all my basic human needs covered (i.e. food, shelter, and love), and also thankful for having the resources to go the extra mile and self-actualize. But nobody, not even me, truly knows the self’s fullest potential, as much as nobody will ever know the mysterious workings of God. In a sense, this freedom of having whatever I want and will myself to do, while having all my needs covered, is purposeless and therefore better concluded to an end.

In order to make sense of this existence, I’m grateful for the knowledge and insights the scientific community has provided for the general public. Facts and figures, as constraints, help the self to flourish in the art of living. With science and conscience, life becomes a continuum in which there exists an infinite number of means to meeting multiple sets of ends.

The illustration I did for 10 is an extension of my gratified self crystallized, then actualized, into reality.




Going long is not as bad as it looks.

He likes it :)
He likes it :)


♡ I know I’m getting too philosophical, but you, my reader, is just like me, an intelligent human being with a creative purpose. It feels great for me to have you listening to my words.

In real life, I tend to keep myself quiet and just listen. But when it comes to writing, I believe I’m making a dent in the world somehow.


What is your dent? What are the little things, or the big ones, you’re grateful for this week?


Share your stories in section below, and hope you have a merry weekend :)




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TGIF! {The 24th}




My 2013 began with a commitment to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

I’ve been practicing the art of counting my blessings every Friday (such as being yourself and other manifestations of abundance not listed here). I believe that at any given circumstance, there is always hope. Always.


♡ My pessimism. Even though my immediate negative thoughts often overwhelms the present self, being a natural skeptic about near-future events often ensures me to be extra careful when I’m doing whatever I set myself up to do.

I may have made it a habit to load my mind up with worries 24/7. It’s daunting. But I’m learning how to replace the long bouts of mentally rehearsing worrisome thoughts into mindful meditation on the Word.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (ESV) give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Besides, in reality, some things that never happen are never for me to worry about in the first place.


♡ I may be blue all the time, but these roses are really, really pink. On the night of June 19th, 2013, I came home to find this sitting neatly on my table :)





It was one really crowded, really sunny day …

♡ My sunglasses. They keep the areas around my peepers, where you see first signs of aging, away from UV rays and ultrabright sunlight when I’m driving everyday.

My neighborhood was briefly submerged earlier this week from just one night of downpour, but for the rest of the week, the sun’s been scorching everything it shone on so far.


♡ Anywhere in the world with a wireless internet connection. That awesome moment when you found it for free :)


♡ My recent epiphany – During a sermon service facilitated in my office today, I suddenly realized that language makes a big difference on people’s thinking patterns. Well, duh.

On the service I heard the Indonesian phrase “terima kasih” a lot, which translates to “thank you.” Then I thought, hey, if it’s translated word-for-word, “terima kasih” means “receive love/give.” It’s a passive verb to say when you’re responding to someone’s act of kindness, thereby noting the act of receiving gift. In contrast, the act of saying “thank you” itself is a proactive verb, almost as if to say, “I’m expressing my gratitude to you by saying thank you” to give away some kind of a leave behind for the actor of kindness.

In my efforts to practice gratitude, I now choose to think of my blessings the Indonesian way.

Life itself is a gift from my parents, and for as long as I’m alive, I’m indebted to them for my contributions to the world. It is a lifelong act of receiving the gift of life and love. The least I can do is be kind to myself as I am to others.


♡ I’m thankful for the abundant stock of bananas I always have around at home. Whenever I feel stressed, anxious, or just plain moody, I down two pieces like a desperately hungry monkey. The yellow stuff is loaded with vitamin Bs and potassium, which calms your system down from head to toe.



♡ Besides the bananas, I’m thankful for the comfortable shelter, the ample wardrobe, and the sense of belonging at home that I have. I feel safe, and because of that, I feel a deeper need to give back to my givers and providers more. I owed a lot to them and probably never will be able to pay back all the love, care, and attention I’ve been given.


♡ I’m hopeful at heart. Deep down, I’m still fundamentally an optimist about a better, more positive future. Everyone can benefit from greater harmony and peaceful engagements amongst ourselves – no cover-ups, no lies, no putting on fake faces everyday, the faces we slowly learned to put on once we become grownups.

The hard part is … it all has to start with the self. An individual can only have peace by always keeping in touch with the inner child.

As Margaret Mead once said, “I was wise enough to never grow up while fooling most people into believing I had.” Wise indeed.


What about you? What are the things you’re grateful for this week?


Share your stories and blessings in section below :) Happy weekend!