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If you’re already following me on several social media platforms, you’ve probably seen the cute birthday cake I briefly mentioned about:



Can you believe the sheer amount of cuteness? It’s one super duper adorable pig-shaped cake, courtesy of the talented, dedicated, creative hands behind Sugarville Cake~~

And, you’ll never guess this, but beneath the fondant layer of its belly is a heavenly cake filled with chocolate and Baileys.


When I first laid eyes on it, there were tears flowing down my eyes.

It was a thoughtful gift, and the person who made this order already knew I’d love it. Thank you love <3




In case you’re wondering what’s the big deal with this piggy character, his name is Ocha, my darling mini cupig.

A cupig is a cute, cuddly, cup-sized pig, and little Ocha here is my cup of joy, my balancing act, and my precious snowball all bundled into one. I’m sure you’ve seen him a lot on Instagram, ‘coz I can’t help but share my giddiness whenever he shows up on my mind x3 How I wish he’s real …




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It’s been really cold lately, don’t you think?


Seems like the January Effect is starting to wear off and everyone is thrown out of balance already, with the deadly floods and the polar vortex and all.

Thank God my cup of joy is here to bring back a sense of balance, even if it’s just a little.

I hope you find him comforting. He’s my precious little baby boo.




Stay cozy with this cute PJ set. You’ll see how Ocha, my little mini cupig, seems to magically ward off the winter blues.




The 13 reasons you should get a mini babe


Seriously – I’d do anything to get one of these. I’d feed it and love it with all my heart:


1. They’re cute.


2. They’re creative.


3. They’re sweet.



4. They’re social.

35-Cute-Miniature-Pig-Pictures-10l-Piglet-and-lambOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbunny-piglet

5. They’re multi-talented.

piglet-3-660mini-pig-guitar35-Cute-Miniature-Pig-Pictures-7Pocket Pigs 2013 calendar by Richard Austin, Britain - 2012

6. They’re into sports too.


7. They’re really touchy.


8. They’re natural posers.


9. They always find a way to smile.

teacup pigture

10. They’re so vanilla.


11. They know how to relax.


12. They know how to have fun.



13. They’re just like us.

P200910131005272946223308l-mini-pigsDalriada Festival




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Sometimes, all you need is a little time to slow down and restore your balance.


My little cup of joy here is a gentle reminder for me to keep smiling and stay grounded no matter what happens.

I hope you find pleasure in his presence as I do whenever he appears on my mind.

Take a look at these mementos of him in silent meditation:


mindbody_balance_racerback_tank_topMind-Body Balance Racerback Tank Top


mindbody_balance_framed_tileMind-Body Balance Framed Tile


mindbody_balance_mousepadMind-Body Balance Mousepad


mindbody_balance_ipad_mini_caseMind-Body Balance iPad Mini Case


mindbody_balance_greeting_cardsMind-Body Balance Blank  4″ x 5.6″ Note Cards


mindbody_balance_mugsMind-Body Balance Mug


mindbody_balance_body_suitMind-Body Balance Baby Body Suit


You might just need him around whenever you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.


See more of him real soon.