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This post is part of my series for BlogHer’s March 2014 NaBloPoMo challenge. See all my NaBloPoMo posts here.

Prompt of the day:
How is your writing voice like you?
How does your writing voice differ from you?


To all aspiring writers: This is never intended to discourage you, but if you write on a regular basis – for various clients and for different audiences, you’ll soon realize that becoming a writer is probably the last thing you want to be.

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30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 29: Something you could never get tired of doing.


February 2012


Two things: Living a fulfilling life, then write about it.

Creating make-beliefs, then write it down.

Well, not two things, as it turns out.

Imagining characters, observe people around me, borrow their traits, then write them all down.

Reading the paper everyday, finding a pattern, then digest them all through writing.

Obviously, it’s writing, the thing I never get tired of doing. Duh. I get tired of reading at some point, but never writing, as long as the dictionary and thesaurus are by my side (or in open tabs).





30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 23: 20 facts about you.


February 2012


Well, I’ll just copy and paste some of the stuff I included in my Bio.

1. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink (not even “socially”). I don’t do drugs. I don’t even drink soft drinks and sodas!

2. I have a talent for mimicking the barking sound of dogs. *Woof!*

3. I sleep like a dead person, i.e. my whole body, including my whole head that carries my nose for breathing, is under the blanket.

4. I think that tofu and eggs are the perfect food combination on earth, no matter how the dish is prepared.

5. I love fruits. My favorite is a Pink Lady apple. Simple sweet and juicy.

6. I love cute stuff (who doesn’t?), especially pigs and piglets. And puppies.

7. I love seafood so much.

8. I read as many as 3 books at one time. I love reading. I read voraciously. I read like a greedy king overeats.

9. I write because my words have lives of their own.

10. I want to write a chick-lit someday. I’m going to make it.

11. I have a journal. I have a diary. I have a notebook. I have in iPad. I  have a MacBook. Which I write on to everyday.

12. I draw because (1) I love to escape, (2) I like creating and making personal stuff as gifts for people I love.

13. My perfect therapy is a spa day.

14. Running frees my mind.


Picture from free pet wallpapers.


15. I drink an average of 3 liters of water a day. On days I run it’s 4 or 5.

16. I drink about 20 cups of tea everyday. All kinds of tea. I “steal” tea bags from hotels rooms and lobbies with my mom and some girlfriends.

17. My favorite color is blue. All shades of blue are pretty. Then comes pink.

18. I enjoy travelling. I love observing other cultures different than my own. I love taking mental pictures of interesting things.

19. I believe everything happens for a reason. Some things are better left as a mystery.

20. I believe in God.


Picture from The Revolve Tour.




Challenging some more…


February 2012



This is a little late, as I just found out about this challenge. It’s a 30-day blogging challenge, which was supposed to jumpstart a new resolution for readers of A New Kind of Normal. I think this challenge is workable any time of the year – any time when you’re determined to change. As in my case, I have a terribly itchy hand that can’t help but write (and type) everyday. I think writing is the best form of expression without a sound coming out of your mouth. No matter how busy I am right now in school, I still prioritize my writing somehow. Writing is my second nature. All writers can relate to this.

Aside from my personal goal to visit the gym 15 times this month, I’ll start this blogging challenge as of tomorrow. Here are the topics for the following 30 days:


Honestly, I’m very intimidated by some of these questions. But I’ll challenge myself to tackle those thoughts anyway. I guess when you ask yourself questions that you’ve been avoiding for years, you’re nurturing your psyche into a more well-rounded person, a more polished character. And through writing, more often than not, you start to discover your soul inside, how it’s really like. It’s pretty much like all the writers said out there – writing is a journey of self-discovery. In my case though, I’m just a big believer of the idiom, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”




They say do what you love… so do it.


January 2012





Hello. I’m exhausted. I’m meeting my boyfriend and his potential client today, which happens to be my boss. I just completed my last-minute editing of the copywriting I’m supposed to do over the past two weeks. It still and will always be difficult for me to write technical writing pieces, where you can’t just go with the flow in your own words. Well, at first, I just do it out of the first words that come to my head. And then I just keep editing it, and editing it, and editing it until I feel fine with it (and hopefully my boss thinks it’s fine too).

Summary of workout today: I did quite a simple workout today. I needed to save some energy for my brainpower this evening (and I workout in the afternoon).

So I did a couple of different arm movements at 6-kg free weights for some reps, but then finish off my arm workouts with just 2-kg weights, only double the reps.

Then on with 20-minute elliptical workout with a warmup of level 5 resistance for 5 minutes. Then go up to 9, then back to 5, then to 10, then to 6, then to 12, and back down to 8, and to 13, and back down to 8, and then finally to 15, and back down at 10, and cooled off with 7.

Then I did a 30-minute treadmill workout that’s actually pretty easy. Today my housemaids served lunch real late, so I’ve still got stuff in my stomach when I workout. Trust me, it feels awful. I felt like puking the whole time.

I managed to run at 1.0 incline the whole time. At first I went up to 5.5 speed, and then 6.6, and back down to 5.6, and up to 6.7, and then go back down to 5.8, and go up to 7.1. And then I fast-walked at incline 13, and then I start to come down at incline 1 again and run a 6.6 speed. Then I sprint for a minute at 7.5 speed, and cooled down again. Then I sprint again for a minute at 8.2, and cooled down again. I raised the incline up to the maximum of 15 while fast-walking, and slowly cool down while lowering the incline by half at each 2-minute interval. And that’s it.

Today, I’ve seriously, seriously made my decision to never accept any assignment that involves with art ever again. I love art by itself, but if it’s for others, it’s not something I want to do. I already perceived work itself as a pressure. For me, writing comes naturally. But making art is too much of a hassle for me, and it’s not enjoyable. You essentially sit down for hours at a time, whereas for writing, I can write for 30 minutes at a time and do some 2 to 10-minute workouts at each breaks. I actually don’t mind achieving a saggy butt for writing’s sake, but not for making art.

That’s how stubborn I am, I guess?

No matter how much someone would pay me, I think I will not enjoy the assignment at all.

Maybe that’s what they call that passion to do what you love.












Why not be a writer?





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