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Perfect cold weather food at Harbour Town


In recent weeks, I dined at the newly opened Do An branch at PIK when I passed by this restaurant along the way. I made a mental note to try it out in the near future, and near future loomed pretty quickly.


It didn’t take me long to decide whether I want to do a review on this Malaysian specialty. A lot of things may have travelled in and out of my stomach, especially with the crazy rate of burgeoning F&B establishments in town. But, there’s only so much space on the blog. With Harbour Town, what I’ve tasted immediately moved itself to high priority on my posting schedule – so here goes.

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A quick bite at Unacho


They’ve been around since October last year, but I’ve only tried the unagi specialty restaurant recently.


I wasn’t planning to try out the place while I was at Plaza Senayan, so I didn’t bring my DSLR along. Pardon the phone cam quality pictures :( All I can say now is if you love your eels, there’s no reason to wait any longer, because as of right now, Unacho is the first and only Japanese dining experience in Indonesia that specializes in serving you freshly grilled unagi.


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Casual night at Belly Inc


So here’s another new establishment in PIK (it’s getting endless).


By its exterior and general impression on its recent buzz, Belly Inc doesn’t exactly hold the top spot on my list. As with plenty of other eateries around the area, you can sit down and have a proper meal without dressing up or paying much. Little did I know that something so casual is worth the drive, especially when you’re starving on weeknights.

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3-day Bandung trip: My life-turning weekend


Hey guys! It’s been a helluva ride in the past few days for me. If you follow me on social media, you may already know that I’m recently engaged :) THANK YOU for the prayers and congratulations <3


This post is going to be really long (you’ve been warned), and it’ll partially be about how he did it, partially about the stops we made throughout our 3-day-2-night getaway to Bandung. You may skip right ahead to part deux: the places we went, but you can also read from the beginning till the end. Hopefully between my wordiness you’ll find inspiration from the cusp of our 3-year-7-month journey together. As to why I’m blogging about it, it’s because this is an important chapter of my our life that I want to keep alive forever :)

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Let’s get our hands dirty at Cajun Claws


Late last month, I was invited to a casual tasting sesh at one of the hottest place to get seafood in town, Cajun Claws.


Thing is, it’s not just any old seafood. You’ve seen emulations of crab shacks in town already such as Holy Crab, Cut the Crab, and Mr. Crabby. But this is Princess Tiana with a whole lot of knife-edged claws. As the founders emphasized, “We’re not selling presentation here. We aim to give you a taste of Louisiana.” And they did.


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