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Stress relief: 7 piggy Instagram accounts to follow

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 7.18.53 PM


If you know me IRL and/or follow me on social media, you know I’m nuts about pigs. There were times I shrieked myself to tears when I see a cute pig photo floating around the web or ones that got sent to me from my friends.

For someone who’s easily stressed out, it’s a major therapy to double-tap my way through these Instagram feeds. So whether you’re a dog person or a cat person (I’m a dog~), I want to share the piggy love on this post. Hopefully the babes will lift you up in this midday slump #seriouslytoocute:
















P.S. Do you know where to find micropig breeders in Indonesia? If you do please, please, please, please, pretty please let me know. I’ve been looking for one since forever.



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The 13 reasons you should get a mini babe



Seriously – I’d do anything to get one of these. I’d feed it and love it with all my heart:


1. They’re cute.


2. They’re creative.


3. They’re sweet.



4. They’re social.

35-Cute-Miniature-Pig-Pictures-10l-Piglet-and-lambOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbunny-piglet

5. They’re multi-talented.

piglet-3-660mini-pig-guitar35-Cute-Miniature-Pig-Pictures-7Pocket Pigs 2013 calendar by Richard Austin, Britain - 2012

6. They’re into sports too.


7. They’re really touchy.


8. They’re natural posers.


9. They always find a way to smile.

teacup pigture

10. They’re so vanilla.


11. They know how to relax.


12. They know how to have fun.



13. They’re just like us.

P200910131005272946223308l-mini-pigsDalriada Festival




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Wrinkle overload



There’s not a moment in any given day when I can’t help but stop and just stare at these babies …







… aaaand here’s l’ultimo wrinkle overload:


Aren’t we all just like them on Monday mornings?




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I can do this all day.


Seriously. There is no greater joy than making your little friend happy.



Go make someone smile today.

As tickling works the same to humans ;)




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Sometimes, the greatest inspiration comes from the tiniest thing …


I can do this.


Yes, you can :)

As they say, whatever
your mind can conceive,
it can achieve.

Go get ’em, tiger!




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So Cute



Today, I’m grateful that this cute little panda LED lamp, a 25th monthiversary gift from 10, reminds me to curve two points of my lips up, even if it’s just a subtle curve. The baby panda’s sooo round and super cute, I kind of wish it was squishy, which would make it a soft toy instead of a lamp. Its package label says, ‘Press my navel! I give you big surprises’. I haven’t the slightest clue what kind of surprises it’s been emitting every time I make it glow, but I sure like surprises that make me smile.

The plain, artless face looking back at me resonates with many other kawaii characters permeating the Asian culture, notably Hello Kitty. For years, scientists of cuteness (yes, I’m that nerdy, I always wonder why people of all ages simply cannot resist watching cute cat and dancing baby videos when they’re supposed to be working) find that Hello Kitty’s simple expression, regardless of whatever’s going on in the kitty’s head, offers her observer the comfortable space to project their individual emotions onto her. Looking at her face is easy because you cannot tell whether she’s happy or sad, therefore her plainness can reflect anyone’s personality and is translatable across every cultures in the world.

It’s almost as if you can trust and share your feelings to her, but at the same time, her pureness and innocence make you want to hug her, to protect her.


If there’s anything in this world I cannot resist, it’s bear-hugging cutesy stuff and pressing their navels, like petting dogs and rubbing their bellies.

Although … I’d still prefer squeezing my life-sized papoy ;)

What are you grateful for today?