Maps made from real food


You’ve got to see this.

Longtime collaborators photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Caitlin Levin joined forces in a fascinating illustration of different parts of the country … using the respective region’s signature foods.



Seaweed varieties from Japan

140315_EYE_Food maps01.jpg.CROP.original-original

Tomato galore in Italy


Look at all dat cheeeeeeese in France!


Noodles are the best. Love, China


Gone bananas in Africa


Burst of spices in India

… and it’s all corns in the United States.


Just look at the beautiful shrimps fof Australia, or the citrus fruits of South America.

Sharing their passion for all things food and travel, they’ve been using food as a medium to convey that love across their projects, including entire series of artworks based on eggs, gingerbread, as well as Oreo cookies.

Now that’s one idea to cook up in my own head.


P.S. Speaking of edible mediums, check out the girl who gets creative with coffee cup stains. For Pete’s sake, she drew Jay Chou.




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The united states of Lego



This has got to be the most creative Lego project I’ve seen lately.

Award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen started out inspired by his daughter and her Lego collection. Initially, his constructions were of multi-part series that was meant to satirize the provinces of homeland Canada. It grew in popularity, and he went on to expand the project into a 50 part series to characterize the U.S., thus the ’50 States of Lego’ namesake.

I had a good laugh looking through the gallery. There’s no other way to nail the individual states down other than the way Jeff did (I’d make California an exception). Most of his assemblies romp with pop culture references that you’d be able to tell instantly, but if you don’t, his dead-on dry captions would.

Can you recognize each of these states? (Tip: Pay attention to the details.)



A chance encounter provides inspiration for large scale sculpture in the Black Hills.


People tend to shy away from probing questions in the land of enchantment.


There’s no place like home, but if your home is frequently blown aloft it helps to wear a parachute indoors.

Getting strong now, this cheesesteak’s long, wow!

Getting strong now, this cheesesteak’s long, wow!


Every summer you seen them emerging bright yellow from their green jackets: the children of the corn.

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En route to dreamscapes



By now I’m pretty sure netizens have seen this, but I’m going to share the awesomeness of recent Hongik University graduate and artist JeeYoung Lee‘s works once more.

While this is not a blog per se, I believe the wonders of her work are digital proof that one person, given the right tools and props, can inspire others. Her modest 3 x 6 m studio has undergone massive renovation for months at a time to emerge as beautiful, otherworldly landscapes that only began as figments of her imagination. They look like repressed emotions and old memories we’re all familiar of at some point in our lives, blown up into individual concrete universes so you can literally make sense of every trace of your psychological state.

Obviously there was a lot of patience and dedication involved to prepare the objects required for each shoot. What astounds me was the fact that none of these pieces are Photoshopped or retouched using any other photo-manipulation technique. I know right.

For the dreamy folks, I believe you’ll love the same incredible pieces as I do:



Treasure Hunt



The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl



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Disney princesses … hipster style



I usually share only one remarkable blog once a month, but this is an exception.

As I see it, Disney princesses fascinate others as much as they are to me (well duh, it’s Disney), with artists imagining them to life all real and androgynous. They’re full of differing personalities, yet at the same time part of the same clan. It’s no wonder they’re a great subject to explore aesthetically.

A while ago I stumbled upon ‘Disney University‘, a collection of hipster-esque depictions of the whole Disney pack by creative genius hyung86 on DeviantArt. I was really inspired by his remakes of the princesses, and I could imagine myself wearing these chic, contemporary pieces in real life.

Stylistically, hyung86’s princesses are by far the closest rework to the original Disney touch, and I could see there’s a lot of respect given to these timeless characters. Given that most of us grew up with them and their damsel-in-distress stories, it amazes me that now we’re able to grow so much and look back at the classics in such a different light. Instead of lamenting and conforming to how it all worked in the old days, we now cease to produce the alternative possibilities of how things could unfold if these leading ladies were living in our society today.

Many of us believe that they would’ve acted upon themselves without having to wait for the princes to come along. They’d speak their minds, make a statement, and create their own creeds. These are the same Disney princesses we first saw on their starring roles as a kid, but also individual heroines who can think for themselves.

Take a look at my favorite reinterpretations of these hip and modern lasses:





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Sleepy baby captured in Wonderland while dreaming



Just in case you haven’t seen this, here’s something to stop and smile about. For the most part that I’ve been bloghopping, art has repeatedly proven its value to its ability to recreate reality into an awesome fantasy, which is always inspiring to see. Just take a look at these.

I’ve only seen this recently, but outside of her freelance assignments, one creative mom has been gaining worldwide attention for her creative collaboration with her son, that is, without the son’s knowledge. Before the Western world have heard of this work, she’s already compiled it all into a book, Sleepy Baby, in Taiwan last year.

Artist Sioin Queenie Liao, who is very much inspired just by watching the sleeping three-month-old Wengenn Liao, first published this series of adorable photographs, Wengenn In Wonderland, on her Facebook account. To create each snapshot, Queenie simply set up the props, stuffed animals and other materials beforehand, then once Wengenn fell asleep, she put him at the center of her vision, which has pretty much taken shape into reality, and start taking pictures of the beautifully-composed fantasy.

The mother of three also takes adorable photographs of the other two waking children in fairy costumes, which is really sweet. I guess getting creative makes the work of being a mom a lot less heavy.

See how Queenie’s keen and loving eyes pictured her son as he dreams:






I don’t know what is it about Asian babies, but they’re always born with irresistibly chubby cheeks. Exhibit #1: Wengenn himself. Exhibit #2: The picture 10 found and forwarded to me. It’s currently set as my BBM display picture so I can stare at it all day:




Exhibit #3: This is Garfield and me. Only I was fully awake and posing, obviously.



Have looked through everything on Wengenn in Wonderland? Which fairytale-esque photograph of him is your favorite? I found it extremely difficult to pick just one, but I’ll have to go with the French artist. He’s so poised.




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Disney princesses show a different side of womanhood



OK, so we’ve seen the faces of these princesses if they were real a couple of months ago on Bloghopping. Now what you’re about to see is an intriguing way to reimagine the animated missis of Disney.

There’s never been a better time in history to celebrate being a woman like today: Women can wear men’s clothes and their own and look just as incredible. Japanese digital artist Haruki Godo, or better known as godohelp on DeviantART, made it happen by using the much-followed Disney heroines as his models on his gallery-cum-blog, Costume Swap.

“I’m very fond of love between a man and a woman – couples,” told the Disney fan to Yahoo! Shine. “And I also love girls, so I thought if they wear their boyfriends’ clothes, I would be very happy. They are my wishes.”

As of this day, Godo works only on the leading ladies from movies he’s already watched. Whether he will or will not be depicting Princesses Anna and Elsa of Frozen this Christmas is another question, nobody knows. His art has marked a historical point of no return, as girls are now encouraged to be just as they are – with or without gowns.

The following are my favorite artworks of Godo in his Costume Swap collection, both personally because I love these characters and of how the nonconforming costumes fit so beautifully on them. They just look comfortable in their pants:


Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1998) in Beast's clothes

Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991) in Beast’s clothes

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (1988) in Phillip's clothes

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (1959) in Phillip’s clothes

Jasmine from Aladdin (1990) in Aladdin's clothes

Jasmine from Aladdin (1992) in Aladdin’s clothes

Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1900) in Eric's clothes

Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989) in Eric’s clothes


Jane from Tarzan (1999) in Tarzan’s clothes


Rapunzel from Tangled (2010) in Flynn’s clothes


Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph (2012) in Ralph’s clothes


Seen Pocahontas, Tiana, and Mulan on Costume Swap yet? Let me know which of Godo’s princesses is your favorite :)