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Once every month, I share some of the most amazing stuff I’ve piled up around the web, notably the blogs that made an impression on me, like these.

OK, a quick recap: reality + fantasy = art. Pokémon + fashion = art.

And now? Food + movies = art.

For the past two years, epic Tumblr blog Snack To The Future has received worldwide attention for their clever interpretations of the flick-grub combo. Created by ad agency 360i‘s art directors, Ricky Anolik and Andrew Tobin, the movie posters just got real at first glance. Each looked like the original posters for a moment, until you notice the altered imageries to go along with the intended pun, which are based on a food theme. “We always kick ideas around for funny Tumblrs — we each have over 20 personally — and we both love a good pun,” Tobin said to Quenton Narcisse on Mashable last month. “But in advertising, puns are a no-no, so we kind of needed an outlet for these.”

I was gobsmacked as it dawns on me … I thought, hey, how come nobody has ever done this? After all, eating and watching movies are two of the most revisited activities of the modern society – thus the big empires each of these industries have created out of itself. Perhaps the blog was a success because its creators never intended for it to succeed – it was purely for fun :)

Check out some of my favorite posters from Snack To The Future:


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Which is your favorite? Tell me on the comments section below :)




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