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Once every month, I share some of the most amazing stuff I’ve piled up around the web, notably the blogs that made an impression on me, like these.


I grew up playing Pokémon. In college, I majored in an area where I create cutesy characters. Everyday while in college, I walk past one of America’s foxiest districts, peering across the ritzy storefront line-up gracing Frisco’s Union Square.

All these realities just got realized when I stumbled upon a popular Tumblr blog, Pokémon X Fashion. Since June 2011, Canadian-based Zara employee Francis Phommisai has gotten tremendous attention from the world of high fashion for his unique take on fashion. Photoshopping two distinct passions of his into artful and sometimes funny pastiches, the independent blogger has shown that those glossy high-end spreads can actually be taken with a light heart. In as little as two years, he’s already schlepping a portfolio of collaborations with renowned professionals in the industry to boot, including the people at KENZO and photographer Kwannam Chu, thanks to the blog.

What’s the big hype anyway? Here, have a look yourself at some of my favorite posts:


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A fresh take on fashion, aren’t they? Now I can easily imagine how a smiling Jigglypuff would be holding on to Liu Wen’s left shoulder in this picture.


The possibilities of Pokémon X Fashion are, no doubt, endless. Fashion magazines continue to publish monthly with-it editorials, and with over 600 Pokémons as of right now, it’s easy to see why the blog continues to gain traction – Phommisai keeps us readers guessing how he would juxtapose the monsters to spruce up the imageries.

Having been featured on respected publications like Refinery29, Marie Claire, and Mademoizelle, the budding blog and its ceaselessly fresh take is only beginning to influence the industry. At this point, I’m ever excited to see how the characters end up at the most surprising places :)




via The Abominable Closet


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