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April 2015: Link love


Note: It’s the last Friday of April 2015 … and it’s been over 3 months that I’ve gotten engaged, then just a little over a year and a half before the wedding. I still can’t believe I will be a bride, as I’ve never imagined myself getting married or dream up a fairytale wedding. Yeap, no childhood dream whatsoever. But as the preps get more hectic, I realized how precious a daughter is in a parent’s eyes that the girl deserve the best out of this pinnacle moment in her life … my entire life, I alone was the biggest obstacle from receiving these blessings. It’s like I never really allowed myself to enjoy the perks of being a girl. So with that in mind, lately I’ve been indulging in a whole lot of girly-girl daydreams. Since I’m already curating the interestings of the net here, I figure this would be a great opportunity to share these timeless girl hacks and life wisdoms I found this month with you, and hopefully your daughters, your granddaughters and great granddaughters as well. Pour your tea and read on.



1. Why I wear the exact same thing to work everyday. [Harper’s Bazaar]
Art director Matilda Kahl talks decision fatigue.
P.S. See this: One shirt, 24 outfits. *wantttt*

2. 20 real girl life hacks [Elle]
Phone chargers: here, there, everywhere.

3. 15 best superfoods to add to your daily diet. [Hello Natural]
Spirulina, hemp, maca, + other usual suspects besides fruits and veggies.

4. 6 colors and how they affect you live. [Yahoo Makers]
Green, lush, fertile. #subtle #sexy

5. 21 nuggets of wisdom every daughter needs before she grows up. [Redbook]
Learn to do stuff you normally ask a guy to do yourself, and more.



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via Harper’s Bazaar / Elle / Authority Nutrition / Sandra Bush on Pinterest / Cherish Images on Pinterest


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Currently revisiting: The Art of Thinking Clearly



The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli, page 275-276

This goes out to the fellow chronic overthinkers out there. Hope it helps~

“When do you listen to your head and when do you heed your gut?
A rule of thumb might be: if it is something to do with practised activities, such as motor skills, or questions you’ve answered a thousand times, it’s better not to reflect to the last detail. It undermines your intuitive ability to solve problems. The same applies to decisions that our Stone Age ancestors faced – evaluating what was edible, who would make good friends, whom to trust. For such purposes, we have heuristics, mental shortcuts that are clearly superior to rational thought. With complex matters, though, such as investment decisions, sober reflection is indispensable. Evolution has not equipped us for such considerations, so logic trumps intuition.”





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The ending you want

 © tinylittletea
© tinylittletea

Why is it that some people like to watch the same thing over and over again?

Like, you’ve watched The Notebook and all Spider-Man movies dozens of times in your lifetime. You know every scene, every line, and you know how it’ll all turn out in the end.

Is it precisely because we know exactly how it’ll all turn out that we keep watching them over and over again? Is this how my subconscious is speaking to me, that I’ve been wishing that I’d brainwash my way to manifest those scenes into real life?

Actually, I already know how my life will turn out. It’s both my ending and yours.

It’s a legendary story of how my Creator loves me so much He’d died for me, so I will leave this place knowing that there is a purpose to all this. All these problems, these hurdles, these anxieties and pain and confusion. Things will never be perfect over here. But sometimes, they linger for so long, they make you start to question whether you and your life has meaning at all.

Whenever the fogs begin to shroud my vision, I always forget this ending, or I’ll deny it’s ever mine. It’s too good to be true, I’ll say, because I’m that undeserving. It always happens whenever I feel far from Him, my moral compass, my eternal flame, the one and only soul worthy of my complete trust. Once He’s out of my sight, things get super blurry, and all I want to do is just curl up in my PJs and indulge myself in some home entertainment.

Let me tell you: At the end of the 2-hour show, your circumstances won’t change. Things are still confusing, things are still blurry, they are still haunting. In this life, there is so much to question, worry, and become doubtful about. Look at you, you contradict yourself all the time, so much so that you will yourself to a point where you don’t know what to believe.

DVDs aside, it’s best I go read our happy ending over and over instead of Hollywood’s. I will still forget it at times, but at least I’ll be useful most of the time while I’m here.