This is the best time of the year for gift-giving, even above birthdays and anniversaries.

In the spirit of the season, I’m posting gift ideas cumulatively for the next 12 days!


This means I’m recommending 1 gift for today, 2 gifts for tomorrow, 3 gifts for the day after tomorrow, and so on leading up to December 25. Yes, it’s the classic carol with a twist.



I’ll keep posting during your lunchtime at exactly 12:12pm, so keep your heads up.

And yes, I’m talking to you, last-minute gift givers. For starters, here’s something special for the friend who refuses to grow up …


Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 11.03.09 PM


What is it:

The official Cloud Cuckoo Palace from The Lego Movie (2004).


Why you should get it:

Because it’s the happiest, most happiest and creative place in the universe.


What it includes:

  • 3 minifigures: Emmett, Wyldstyle, and Executron
  • 2 figures: Unikitty and a snail
  • Le Cloud Cuckoo Palace!
  • A flower catapult, so you can shoot flowers on Executron
  • Accessories: handcuffs and a red stud tracking device for Executron to trail Emmett

Who to get this for:

  • Your little brother/sister
  • Your nephew/niece
  • Your kids
  • The friend who never grows up
  • The LEGO geek in your life
  • Yourself



So who are you getting Unikitty this for?



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If you’re secretly a geek and/or secretly love geeky boys, you’ll love these two books.


I don’t know what is it about men who function with 99% logic that fascinates me, but I love them. I find their machine-like response and exceptional attention to details quite entertaining.

Perhaps it’s that immaculate sense of security (and I really mean super attentive) you feel around them, or that you respect how they’ve managed to stay true to themselves even if they’re often perceived as losers, but that’s how you feel when you follow the protagonists of these two books:

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Stuff I recommend other than galettes at Kitchenette, Jakarta


By now I’m sure you’re no stranger to Kitchenette, one of the few hot spots in town that are still hot. Part of the reason is because it’s owned by local F&B giant Ismaya Group. They’ve been tested through time and budding groups of competitors in recent years, but the group only continues to grow because they’ve done a great job at keeping up with quality standards.

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Rainy season saviors


Have you noticed it’s been raining a lot lately? The forecast says we’ll be experiencing more wetness in the coming weeks -_- I feel this time of the year is the perfect time to dress easy breezy effortlessly whether you’re going out or staying in. There are a few finds around that I’m thinking of getting to do just that:

rainy season saviors

☑ Cool waterfall cardigan for a rainy day
Laidback palm trees top from Kei & Kori
 Breezy batik pants by SABS
Layering essential: Navy scarf from Noir Sur Blanc
☑ Le cute NYC cityscape bubble umbrella
☑ Waterproof mascara in eggplant from Skin Food
 L’Oreal’s vitamin E-loaded Color Riche lipstick in F401
Lanvin’s structured python backpack in black
 Kenzo’s Flower brainchild – Flower in the Air
 This versatile Acne Studios white leather sneakers
 Outlandish Creature says you have a nice ass
 THE Youthmud Tinglexfoliate – a winter skin must-have~
 Do: Get this in your handbag all season


I know right, the sweater makes you want to just curl up with a warm cup of tea already.

How do you keep yourself on your toes this season?



P.S. Just got myself this plum lipstick from the Color Riche line of L’Oreal. Recently interested in the dark lip trend, not sure how I’m gonna pair my eye ‘do with it, but we’ll see. The Gloss has a great guide on how to pull it off.



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November 2014: Monthly Roundup


November’s been a really fast one. I didn’t get to update as frequently as I did for the last couple of months here, but I’m so excited about preparing my boutique :) Don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere, but you can expect to see more of “the real me” here (a.k.a. the silly, not-so-serious, pig-loving girl).


I know I’ve been writing in a very formal tone for most of my posts, but I want to change that. In real life I’m a really private person, and I’m never the one who takes things at face value, so I love digging information way before I put my trust on something and/or buy an idea/product/service. In case you haven’t noticed, I keep myself afloat of the scientific literature – PsychologyToday and ScienceDaily are basically my daily cups of tea. While the things I talk about here aren’t necessarily my areas of expertise, I’m still a woman who’s interested in what many women are interested in – wellness, beauty, eats, the general buzz, and cute stuff, and basically all facts-backed, evidence-based stuff stripped away from all the marketing fluff. I figure I can use my inquisitions to serve you and help you make better decisions in life, just as I do with mine.

I’m confident Stillwater ladies are smart ones who take my content with a grain of salt too, and that’s why I can only change my tone, but never the facts. Aside from my family, this year I’m most thankful for you gals. Help me learn how to be more “personal” as I break down my own walls. As William Lyon Phelps once said, “I divide readers into two classes: Those who read to remember and those who read to forget,” and the blog is the result of the useful, sometimes novel, other times entertaining, yet always important things I feel we all need to remember as women. Hope le Stillwater November 2014 issue helps:


♥ health + wellness


♥ beauty + style


♥ eats + trips


♥ buzz + culture





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November 2014: Link love


Note: November went by so fast, I couldn’t keep up!! I can’t even keep count of my blessings during this Thanksgivings season. At my part of the world we don’t necessarily have Black Fridays (and our poultry of choice is chicken too), but we express our gratitude in the spirit of Thanksgivings just as the Western world do. Well enough blabbering from me now. Here’s some interestingness from the internets this month. Happy reading~



1. Scandinavian women and their perfect skin. [Elle]

2. Foods in the Fifty Shades trilogy. P.S. Have a look at the new trailer again. (hot) [Pinterest]

3. Science says lasting relationships come down to 2 basic traits. [Business Insider]

4. The most influential books in the past decade. [HuffPost]

5. An introvert’s open letter to extroverts: 5 things you should know about me. [Huff Post]




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Life is grey until Ocha comes along.


IMG_5719 (1)(1)

You’ve probably seen the bag charm and Murakami’s latest hit before around here.

But you’ve only met Ocha the pig recently through my Instagram, and he’s 100% made of love.

Be the first to hear about him, because our online boutique is coming soon. We bring you select lifestyle products (like the T-shirt above) featuring Ocha, his friends, and a whole lotta cuteness.

Stay tuned for updates ;)



Inspired by E. L. James
Photography by Icliq | FB: Icliq | IG: @icliqphoto | Twitter: @icliqcs
Bag by Prada
Bag charm by Poupette
Skirt by Poppihola
Shoes by Zalora
Styling by Stacia Priscilla (that would be me, a.k.a. le creator of Ocha the pig)
Special thanks to Coffee Kulture | FB: Coffee Kulture | IG: @coffee_kulture | Twitter: @coffee_kulture




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