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For those couples who are stuck in LDR… here’s a good laugh.



This is a tri-fold, die-cut greeting card for your loved one. I will be posting an envelope and pictures of the prototype when it’s printed and cut. You cut the curve of the phone and you fold the straight vertical lines. When it’s folded, you see that their phone wires actually connect into one line.









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3 years 10 months ago

thats really funny :) thank you for sharing, i love this post because a LDR will work if the two people involved have the belief and the desire for the time between them to be reduced
keep smiling

3 years 9 months ago

that because i awylas try to make up after screwing things. so yesterday we got into argument and she was hurt and she swore, then she said she feels like hanging up. I was worried so I asked her, please can u not change your number, i don’t want you to. She said she won’t, i made her reassure me several times, she said she will talk to me later during the day. After she hung up on me, she sent me txt saying dont call bak or i will change my number. im not kidding jus call later. hm… Read more »