Stuff from the Mediterranean sea at Plan B


This place has been on my wish list for months, as I’ve been craving a lot of Spanish food these days.


Since Plan B is closed on Sundays, it’s gotten itself higher on my priority list. Besides, it’s one of those rare Spanish restaurants in town that are authentic – all the more reason I hesitate no more.

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October 2014: Monthly roundup


As always, here’s your binge-read serving. Even though I’m pretty structured with my content, I still find it amazing how at the end of the day (in this case, the month), your blog truly reflects you. I caught a fever this month and the amount of wellness posts just don’t sum up to other arenas of the blog. It’s crazy – Stillwater’s getting more like a mirror that reflects everything in life that I feel is great and lovely and beautiful. At the same time, in real life I’m slowly accepting who I am regardless of everything. Surely blogging has become a way I can be proactive about my evolution as a woman – it gets you out of the victim mentality. I love it whenever I find out it’s helping someone and/or is useful to someone. One day I’m going to write about a behind-the-scenes post here (and how really time-sucking it can get), but for now, I’ll stop blabbering. Here’s October for ya. Happy reading :)



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Mega Italian feast at Mamma Rosy #ZomatoFoodieMeetup


I’ve recommended this restaurant to practically everyone who asked me where they should go to get some Italian fix in Jakarta.


Sooo it’s not that hard to picture how excited I was when I found out my second meetup with the Foodies is going to be at Mamma Rosy :p

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