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Ever been disappointed by a much hyped-about restaurant? Yeap, I know the feeling. You’ve seen it reviewed on magazines and everyone’s been buzzing about it, but when you actually try it out, you don’t see what’s the hype.

Not everyone has good taste. That’s why you should listen to what the connoisseurs on Zomato are saying instead.

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Surprising foods that combat fatigue


Disclaimer: The information below is for informational/educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional help. Before beginning a new exercise regimen or making any other changes in your lifestyle, always consult with your physician and/or a certified coach.


Dizzy. Can’t think. Can’t focus. Cold. Super pale. Weak all over. Hair falling out. No appetite. And worst: Just tired all the time.

Sounds familiar?

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My fab 4-course dinner at brentwooD Grill


To start off this review, I want to say a huge thank you first to Zomato Indonesia for the super generous treat at brentwooD Grill last Saturday. I had a lot of fun at this #ZomatoMeetUp and met a bunch of foodies who share the same taste and interests with me :)


BrentwooD Grill is a casual fine dining restaurant located just across Dharmawangsa Square.

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August 2014: Monthly roundup


And here’s the roundup of the month in case you missed them. It’s great to have learned that just by going sans PJs gets you the best uninterrupted sleeps, and that most skincare products in the market aren’t exactly worth the dime. Aside from tasting the hits and misses in some of the latest restaurants in town, I also suggest you bookmark these flicks to warm up those eye muscles for some of the biggest movies next year (so stoked for Fifty Shades here). More great stuff cooking up next month!



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