August 2014: Monthly roundup


And here’s the roundup of the month in case you missed them. It’s great to have learned that just by going sans PJs gets you the best uninterrupted sleeps, and that most skincare products in the market aren’t exactly worth the dime. Aside from tasting the hits and misses in some of the latest restaurants in town, I also suggest you bookmark these flicks to warm up those eye muscles for some of the biggest movies next year (so stoked for Fifty Shades here). More great stuff cooking up next month!



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Lunch at Locanda


I remember as a kid how I used to get psyched whenever my brothers voted for Tony Roma’s for dinners on Sundays. Sunday dinners are meals my family always have together, and the 3 of us (my older brothers and I) would vote for the cuisine we’d most like to eat.


Although we’ll have different cuisines almost every week, sometimes we’d taste great foods and create unforgettable moments at very particular places, which kept us coming back. One of them is Tony Roma’s. The American chain used to be located here at Panin Center Building, but just a couple of months ago, the whole ground was renovated to uphold this new restaurant, Locanda.

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AW Kitchen has a lighter take on pasta.


Things are getting a bit tense in the world of pasta houses in Jakarta. Truthfully, I can count with my fingers how many out there are truly exceptional.


That includes this one, brought to the Big Durian by reputed chef Akira Watanabe. Though it’s fresh off the boat (opened locally last June), it’s definitely worth a mention.

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July 2014: Monthly roundup


As usual, you can catch all that you’ve been missing out here in the past month from this little roundup I do at the end of each month. Hope you liked the features and found them useful, because I’ve got more exciting ones coming up this August :) Happy belated Eid for those who are celebrating!



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Yamagoya Ramen is back.


The nice thing about dining at North Jakarta’s Baywalk Mall is that you get the priceless seaside view for free. In this case, I was watching the sunset while having this delicious supper.


Yes, this is the ramen joint that was previously located on the basement floor of UOB Plaza in Thamrin, before it was closed due to the disastrous flooding back in January last year. But here it is back up again just recently, this time perched closer to where I live so I won’t have to suffer from the traffic :p

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Foods to help you sleep better tonight



For the past month since I returned from my trip to the States, I’ve been sleeping really well. As you may know, I was quite a bit of an insomniac for many months before, and have been enjoying my daytime activities these days because of good sleep.

Regular exercise, calming activities such as yoga and pilates, as well as other healthy habits certainly play a big part of the sleeping puzzle. But what you may have never considered to help you sleep better is your daily diet.

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