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Brain dump: 29 thoughts that have crossed the mind of an overthinker



1. I need to lose 10 pounds.

2. Do I look better in this filter or that filter? Level 3 or 4 Valencia?

3. No way am I posting a #nofilter.

4. What did she really mean when she joked about how insecure I am?

5. My folks don’t love me as much as they love my sister – believe me.

6. OMG why does she keep looking away whenever I start to talk?

7. Have I done anything wrong to her? Let’s see, there’s probably that time when … or maybe it’s that time when … and that time when …

8. I don’t understand. We instantly clicked from day one, but she takes forever to text me back.

9. She probably has more than enough BFFs in her life, and I’m just disturbing her.

10. Don’t you see? He likes her, not me. He mirrors every move she makes.

11. Ugh, I hate myself.

12. What’s wrong with me? *makes a painstakingly detailed account of all the things you think are wrong about yourself*

13. If I do approach him, I’ll kill myself.

14. He’ll think I’m desperate.

15. What if he doesn’t feel the same way?

16. Great. This humongous pimple had to pop up just before the big date.

17. I’ll have to be a Victoria’s Secret supermodel in order for him to ever notice me.

18. Should I go with this dress or that one?

19. I shouldn’t have gone with the blue one. *makes a mental list of all the details of what could have been*

20. Am I looking too much into things? Probably not, because you have to see every aspect of the situation in order to make any decision at all.

21. But really, what’s the bigger picture behind this situation? I can’t seem to figure things out.

22. How do I make sure I keep everything under control?

23. I mean, what would my future self think of me?

24. It’s frustrating that I have no concrete idea where I’m going to be 10 years from now. There are so many holes I’ve yet to fill in my 10-year life plan.

25. Like … what if I fail?

26. Or, what if I succeed? How am I going to deal with the money and fame that comes from it?

27. I’m not done tweaking this thing. It needs to be perfect before everyone sees it.

28. Yes, perfect.

29. Well, what would other people think?


Note to self:


Like this hedgehog does.




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Nota Bene



You may encounter many defeats,
but you must not be defeated.
In fact, it may be necessary
to encounter the defeats, so you can
know who you are, what you can rise from,
how you can still come out of it.

(Maya Angelou)



RIP, Maya.




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Nota Bene




Be softDo not let the world make you hard.
Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let
the bitterness steal your sweetness.
Take pride that even though the rest of the world may
disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

(Kurt Vonnegut)





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Nota Bene


Certain things catch your eye, but
pursue only those that capture the heart.

(Ancient Indian Proverb)




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And because love battles …



Reading Pablo Neruda is like being entranced by an outpouring of love and desire. Ten days till Valentine’s Day, and there’s no one else I’d like to recite on The Classics this month than the Chilean poet himself. If I could I would transfer every page of his erotically charged Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair onto this post, but this Valentine, I want to underline the reality of true love and its hardships, especially when you deal with others as one. Love is a battlefield indeed, but in it two people win against the world that conspires against them. Tough love, but worth every fight, eh? Enjoy the ride anyway.



And because love battles
not just in its own burning fields
but also in the mouths of men and women,
I will finish this fight by taking the trail
from those would come between my chest and your fragrance
to plant their confused plants.

They will say about me
nothing worse, my love,
than what I have told you myself.

Before I knew you,
I lived in the prairies.
I never waited for love to come.
I ambushed the rose and fell upon her with fierceness.

What more can they say?
I am neither good nor bad, but a man.
They will bring up the danger
of my life, which you know,
and with which you have mingled your passion.

For it is good, this danger.
It’s the danger of love, of perfect love,
for all life
and all lives.
And if this love brings us
death or prison,
I’m sure your big eyes will close
(as they close when I kiss them)
with pride,
with double pride, my love,
yours and mine together.

They will come to speak before my ears
to tear down the tower
of the sweet, hard love that joins us.
They will say, “The one you love
is not the woman for you.
Why do you love her?  Surely
you could find another more beautiful,
more serious, more deep,
more other … Do you understand me?
Look how slender this one is.
Look what a face that one has.
Look how she dresses.
And so on, and so on …”

And so, in these lines, I say to you:
I love you like this, love.
Like this, I love you:
as you wear what you wear,
as your hair floats,
as your mouth smiles
light as spring water
running over pure stones.
Like this, love, I love you.

I don’t ask bread
to teach me anything
except how to care for each day.
I know nothing about light,
where it comes from, where it goes.
I only ask the light to be light.
I do not ask the night
for explanations.
I await it, and it swallows me.
And it’s the same with you too,
you who are bread and light
and shadows.

You came into my life
with just what you had:
things made of
the light and bread and shadows
for which I waited.
And I need you that way.
I love you that way.
And to those who will hear this tomorrow,
they can read here what I will not say.
But let them keep their distance today,
for it is still early for such arguments.

Tomorrow we will give them only
a leaf from the tree of our love, a leaf
dropped on the earth
as though it had been made by our lips
as though it were a kiss that had fallen
from unfathomable heights
to show the fire and the tenderness
of a love that is true.


– Pablo Neruda


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who have built a list of non-negotiables for future husbands/wives, and somewhere along the line, we settled for something different: We love our other half just the way he/she is.

Doesn’t mean that we’re settling for anything more or less; just that true love is inherently a form of self-sacrifice. While I don’t believe meeting soul mates only happens once in a lifetime, I believe a strong relationship is founded by two persons who’ve decided to constantly mold themselves to become more agreeable, more compatible, and more suited for each other no matter what happens. It’s never about me against you or the world – love is about us, together against the world.

Ask yourself a quintessential question this Valentine’s: Are you with the one you love, or are you loving the one you’re with?


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