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Tea perfume?! WANT!


We’ve talked tea nose and essential oils and smelling stuff for therapy but … an actual wearable, spray-on, true tea-soaked fragrance? YES, PLEASE.

Jo Malone Rare Tea collection. L-R: Silver Needle Tea (white tea, musk, mimosa, rose), Darjeeling Tea (black tea, jasmine, freesia, davana), Jade Leaf Tea (sencha, sesame, pomelo, frankicense), Oolong Tea (oolong, bitter cocoa, tobacco, tonka bean). Midnight Black Tea (pu-erh, vanilla, guaiac wood, labdanum), Golden Needle Tea (specialty black tea, leather, spice, sandalwood, benzoin resin)

And if you’ve been around the blog for a while now, you probably know my favorite type of tea, and you can guess which one of the six I’m eyeing at1.

But if also know me in real life, you’ll know for sure I’m not actually into perfumes. Like, at all. The fragrance collection you saw on this post? All my mom’s. The only fragrances I’ve ever bought for myself are the Lavender Eau de Cologne from L’Occitane and Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Scent Spray, which doesn’t smell like green tea at all.


So Jo Malone, where have you been all this time? Now that I think about it I want ALL.

Because tea.

And frankincense.

And sandalwood.










Viaggio in Cina: Lu Yu from
the Tea Travels tea line of La Via Del Tè

EUR 11.70/90g round tin

Ingredients: Oolong tea, white tea, flavors, pink rose petals, raspberries, mallow flowers

Right now, you only have to know that my reaction is positively surprised <3 More on my tasting notes and how you can get a tin for yourself on a future post!! :)

What’s your #TeaATM?



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  1. It’s the Silver Needle Tea I’m looking at. You? []
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Hello, Pinterest …

So I’m back from le honeymoon~ And yes, I’m getting myself familiarized with the visual-oriented network for dreamers (so late I know!), now mainly using it to keep track of the endless stream of piggy pics, gifs, and videos that surround the Internet. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to document them all manually, so I thought, why not I stop keeping the pig porn for myself and share the joy with others? (And yes I did just said pig porn.) Follow me for plenty of pig pics, tea moments, Ocha the pig, and other loves <3