This is what we’re all about:

About Stace

—that girl who loves pigs.

I’m a lifestyle blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia, who simply loves tea.

Shortly after I graduated in the summer of 2012 with a BFA in Illustration, I had a gig as a content specialist for a local startup, and then later landed a job at a lifestyle magazine as a scribe. Throughout the time, I was sipping tea everyday. These experiences have certainly taught me a lot about storytelling and the greater media/publishing industry.

Now I blog full-time on Stillwater. I blog mainly to give the glory back to God for all the things I’m gifted with. I made 90% of the content you see around Stillwater: words, photos, illustrations, infographics, GIFs – you name it, unless otherwise stated.

Besides running the blog, I’m throwing myself into side projects that make use of my illustration skills. And if you must know, I’m obsessed with pigs. My dream is to have a pet pig someday. In the meantime, I've created a virtual one.


Random facts about Stace ...

  • I can’t live a day without a cup of tea.
  • I’m always thirsty - I literally drink about a gallon of water a day. So if you see me around, you're likely see me carrying a water bottle with me.
  • I can mimic a dog's barks.
  • I have a horse-shaped birth mark on the bottom corner of my left cheek.
  • I can’t decide whether my favorite cuisine is Japanese or Italian.
  • I am strongly against smoking. I no longer drink either (not even “socially”).
  • I play the piano.
  • I don’t know how to ride a two-wheel bike. Care to teach me?




About Stillwater

a lifestyle blog


The Stillwater manifesto



At Stillwater, our goal don’t just stop at continuously articulating and defining the tea lifestyle. We seek to wholly redefine a life well-lived through the love and appreciation for tea, botanicals, natural beauty, the written word, and tiny joys that little piggies bring, among the many things we can be thankful for in life.

Contentment's the word - I didn’t begin with this ambitious intent when I first started blogging, but as time goes by, the more I realize Stillwater can fill this need of a more mindful and thankful culture in this ever-increasing ADD-driven world. Using tea not just as a beverage of choice but as a way of living forces me personally to be overwhelmed with gratitude for all the interests, passions, talents, and abilities I’ve been given with, and my hope is that Stillwater reflects this sense of contentment and inspire you to pour your daily cup of tea. At Stillwater, we believe our gifts are all working together for the sole purpose of giving back the glory to the Giver.


For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36 [NKJV]


The core values

Joy | Service | Gratitude | Mindfulness | Integrity


The brief history

Stillwater may have started out in March 2011, but I’ve been running multiple personal blogs since I was 11. My first platform was hosted by GeoCities, then Vox, and now WordPress. At one time, I also had Blogger blogs too, but almost all of these hosts have gone out of business. Eventually I bought a domain because then there's no way to lose blogs ever again~

Note that ever since I launched the WordPress blog, I’ve been migrating the stuff worth keeping from all these previous blogs to Stillwater. I published these old entries as on the actual date I posted them on their respective platforms. So technically, Stillwater went way back before March 2011 ...



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  1. Hello Stace….

    I was browsing the web and happen to hit the link to your blog. Cool blog of yours. I am Indonesian, live in Singapore.

    Pretty, passionate about what you do, and enjoy running….That’s a rare combination to find for girl :) I enjoy running too.

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