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Hi there~

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I’m a lifestyle blogger who’s a smack-dab INFJ and have a BFA in Illustration. I read too much, have a wide variety of interests, and love telling stories. Stories, in general, are my passion.

Shortly after I graduated in the summer of 2012, I landed a job at a lifestyle magazine as a scribe. It’s taught me a lot about storytelling and the greater publishing industry.

Now I blog full-time, because in this digital age, nothing is still and I’m constantly testing the waters (hence Stillwater). The result is a personal outlet for the things that keep me sane as I navigate through life. Besides running the blog, I’m throwing myself into side projects that make use of my illustration skills.

Also, if you must know, I’m obsessed with pigs. I want to have a pet pig someday.




Random facts about Stace

  • I go gaga over cute stuff.
  • I have a talent for mimicking the barking sound of dogs.
  • I drink about a gallon of water a day. I carry around a water bottle with me everywhere I go. For some reason I’m always thirsty.
  • I can’t live a day without a cup of tea.
  • I am strongly against smoking. I no longer drink either (not even “socially”).
  • Cheese is my favorite indulgence.
  • I can’t decide whether my favorite cuisine is Japanese or Italian.
  • I don’t know how to ride a two-wheel bike (but hey, I do know how to swim!)
  • I have a horse-shaped birth mark on the bottom corner of my left cheek.
  • I’ve never color-dyed my hair.
  • I’m the youngest in the family.



About Stillwater

Stillwater is where I share the interesting stuff I find worth sharing about. I believe the vast amount of reading time I spent has got to have some kind of a filter.

A word of note though: This blog may have started out in March 2011, but I’ve been owning multiple personal blogs since I was 11 years old. Almost all of them have pulled the websites down. My first platform was GeoCities, then Vox, and now WordPress. I bought a domain because then it’s impossible for the site creators to pull it down!

At one time, I also had Blogger blogs too. But ever since I launched the WordPress blog, I’ve been migrating the stuff worth keeping from all these previous blogs to Stillwater. I published these old posts as being written/posted on the actual date and year I posted on their respective blogging platforms, where I originally posted them on. So the “original” posts I started posting on this site began on March 2012. Unfortunately, I forgot what was the exact date.

Perhaps I was lost in translation during my childhood migrations from hometown Jakarta to Singapore when I was 8 and back to Jakarta again at 13, then to Indiana in the States at 16, and then to San Francisco the following year, and then, finally back home again at 22. Perhaps this blog stood as a virtual outlet for my sense of self no matter where I go.

Perhaps I’m trying to find myself out of blogging. Perhaps you can tell me how to sit still and get found. But one thing’s for sure: I will never stop learning.






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One thought on “About & FAQ

  1. Hello Stace….

    I was browsing the web and happen to hit the link to your blog. Cool blog of yours. I am Indonesian, live in Singapore.

    Pretty, passionate about what you do, and enjoy running….That’s a rare combination to find for girl :) I enjoy running too.

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