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Making Miles: Week 33



Note: During my run 5 weeks ago, I broke my iPod Nano … again (See weeks 13 through 16). I decided not to fix it or purchase the iTouch. Instead, I’ll wait till this September for the latest generation of Apple iPod to be released until I can run with music again and log my exact time, pace, and mileage. Also, my data for my run this Monday is extra unreliable due to the untended technical glitches the treadmill machines on my gym experienced repeatedly. 



How to be more productive: First of all, I learned that you have to be honest with yourself about how you define the word productivity. For me, it’s not so much the quantity of results you end up with by the end of the day; it’s how much you’ve worked out your problem-solving throughout the day in order to work efficiently. While the idea of scheduling a whole day dedicated to work may seem attractive, numerous research shows that squeezing in just a little bit of physical activity can significantly increase work productivity. You reap what you sow, so throw some seeds for your mental and physical health as it is proven to conduce a more wholesome result.




– Image courtesy of Vain and Vapid via Tumblr

The secret to a smooth running cadence lies in your attention to your own breaths. Why you should practice rhythmic breathing: Now that I’ve ran for more than five years, I focus more on injury prevention rather than finding ways to get fitter or speedier (although those things are still attractive to me). According to Budd Coates, M. S., and Claire Kowalchik on their book, Running on Air: The Revolutionary Way to Run Better by Breathing Smarter, if your exhalation coincides with every time your foot hits the ground, you are impacting up to three times your body weight of running stress, causing energy inefficiency throughout the run and can possibly lead to injury. “This is because when you exhale, your diaphragm and the muscles associated with the diaphragm relax, creating less stability in your core. Less stability at the time of greatest impact makes a perfect storm for injury,” explains the authors. “Rhythmic breathing, on the other hand, coordinates footstrike with inhalation and exhalation in an odd/even pattern so that you will land alternately on your right and left foot at the beginning of every exhalation. This way, the impact stress of running will be shared equally across both sides of your body.”

For energy efficiency’s sake in your running and to maximize stress release after a long day at work, always opt for belly breathing – or what physiologists call diaphragmatic breathing – rather than chest breathing. When I just discovered belly breathing, I started to notice all around me so many people go about holding their breaths, looking as if they keep so much stuff on their chest that I fear they’ll suffocate once something bad in their lives happen. Hey, I used to be one of those stressed-out people too.

This simple breath work, also practiced in other areas of physical discipline such as yoga, meditation, and martial arts, gives you a sense of centeredness, connecting the mind, body, and spirit into one. The even rhythm allows you to put in steady effort (instead of going to the extremes) during long runs so you want exhaust yourself or die of boredom. It is recommended for you to practice belly breathing in your daily life, not just in running, for all-around wellbeing. Learn more about belly breathing on the book’s compact excerpt here, courtesy of Runner’s World.





Take a deep breath. Now remember: Focus on progress, not just the results. Keep yourself accountable in doing so. I may not have an iPod nano to know my pace as for now like I usually do, but I don’t want to pressure myself to buy a new one hastily just to get the complete data of my runs. Without pace, I still have times to count on (find out why distances on the treadmill is not reliable).




Feel free to view my mileage progress here and my PB (personal best) record here. Remind yourself everyday, every week, every month and every year how far you’ve come to where you are today.

Here’s to making your milestones:




Inhale, exhale. Cheers :)




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TGIF! {The 13th}



It’s Friday!! And it’s officially a good one :)


– Image credit source unknown






♡ At the Dharmawangsa Hotel on Wednesday, March 27, I got the chance to attend renowned publisher Mobiliari Group’s Global Luxury Conference, an event dedicated to discuss the industry’s exciting potential and growth in the Asian market.


Highlighting budding sectors such as private jets, super cars, high-end retailers and fine watches, the conference examined how Southeast Asia can boost its economic expansion with the rising “super rich” class and the accruing wealth among the middle-class populace. Acclaimed batik fashion designer Iwan Tirta was awarded as one of the pioneering force in pushing Indonesia’s luxury industry forward, bringing the household Indonesian textile to its present international recognition by preserving its culture.

One of the most memorable lessons I learned throughout the conference was something life coach and founder of Swaen Capital Cliff Go said during his speaking session: If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

Initially I had a lot of urges to complain about my day that day. I got hit by a motorcycle on my way to work, I panicked all the way and couldn’t park at the office lot, plus I have a lot of coverage to do while juggling multiple deadlines, whereas other stuff in my personal life are bothering me. But, as Go said, “The quality of life is determined by the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.” With a daily reminder from God that life is not going to get any easier, the way I see it, I’ve only got two choices:

1) Quit and die now. After all I’m just a pile of dust. Or …
2) Keep smiling, even though I really miss the day I’ll be in my Father’s arms

Just as it is written, He will never give us anything we cannot handle. I’m thankful I’m given so much and that all I need to do is trust.


♡ My mom is officially a businesswoman. She’s a shareholder of a new restaurant in town, and the soft opening will be held on her birthday this Sunday (her 49th!!!). I’m grateful that she had me when she was young. She’s still doing her yoga, line dancing, and has a lot of energy to walk and talk business.


♡ Lollipops … For free!




♡ Learning a lot and growing everyday. I’m more than grateful that generally, the lessons I learn in my occupation also applies to life. As the journalist, teacher, and author of If You Want To Write: A Book About Art, Independence, and Spirit Brenda Ueland once said, The only way to become a better writer is to become a better person. Noted.


♡ I have the most understanding boyfriend in the world. Face it: Your time is limited. Don’t we all long for the day when we can just let go of everything and take a breather? Truth is, we may not have days or hours to savor that luxury – but I’m pretty sure we all have seconds to do that, right?

I forced Stanley to watch the 2006 blockbuster Devil Wears Prada last week, the eponymous adaptation of the chick-lit roman a clef (which, by the way, has a sequel under way). The story centers around an aspiring journalist and her challenges as an editorial assistant to keep up with Miranda Priestly, a demanding fashion magazine editor believed to be inspired by American Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

It’s one of my favorite movies just because during that year, shortly after the movie was released, my best friend said that Andy Sachs reminds her of me. That’s how I became curious and watched the movie. At first I thought it was bleh, but I watched it again and again over the years, and now I really love it.

Stanley pointed at Adrian Grenier, who posed as Andy’s boyfriend Nate: “That’s not me.”

Thank God I’m a writer, which means I still have more private time to steal. At one point during my panicky Wednesday, Stanley said on the phone: “Calm down, dear, take a breather for 5 seconds.” He understands, he understood that I have to prioritize my time, energy, and effort to pay attention to many things other than him, even when I consider myself a workaholic. And hey, with all the deadlines I’m working to meet, with all the plans and arrangements I have to make, along with my perfectionistic tendencies, I’m still able to keep up with this blog. I still have time to run hard and run long, which is a major pleasure by the end of most of my weekdays. He understands that I capitalize on my brain health because my job requires, what I might say, 24/7 godly mindfulness.

You can’t buy that kind of boyfriend with money, or have that kind of optimism and positive attitude without banking on your health. I’m just taking actions to pay back that gratuity, because I’ve been blessed with so many great things money can’t buy.


♡ Got fed by a cute guy.

It's an orgasmic matcha green tea mochi with red bean filling, one of the many sweet souvenirs I brought back from Japan :)
It’s an orgasmic matcha green tea mochi with red bean filling, one of the many sweet souvenirs I brought back from Japan :)



Someone asked me earlier this week … how do I wake up and have so much semangat everyday? The Bahasa word ‘semangat’ is synonymous to the English words spirit, passion, vigor, and zeal. The thing is, I’m just like any other person who’s physically drained and mentally exhausted. I choose to not show that because I’m aware that we all have mirror neurons, the monkey-see-monkey-do neurotransmitters that can either foster empathy or breed violence. I chose the first.

To state it simply, I believe in the Word and gave up my life upon it. A simple smile, even when I don’t feel like lifting my heavy cheeks, is my go-to replacement to the usual frowns and shrugs.


There are many more ♡s to count that I can’t possibly fit in one post. I’m just glad that TGIF! is slowly transforming into a place where I can just count the innumerable things I’m blessed with every day, every second. On this special day, I urge you to be a blessing simply by smiling more :)




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Dear future self, honestly …



Dear 99-year-old-and-9-month self:


– Image courtesy of Living by via Tumblr

Let me give you a bargain: I will reduce my original 100-year-old lifespan down by 3 months. In return, please, endow me with your utmost patience for today, for this moment, for being alive and not merely existing in the heyday of this lifetime.

I no longer care for the yesteryears, but I do care to progress. I am always aware that the internal clock keeps ticking, and life is not getting any easier. But I am also aware that every morning when I wake, a new hope is given freely to me. Thank God’s mercy. I’m sure you remember them – the rays of sunshine smiling at you and all, don’t you? Yea, if that’s not the case, you won’t look so youthful with the natural facelifts you’re known for giving yourself (and especially for others).

How the heck did you have such patience? Is it from marathoning?





… or did you succumb yourself to being a lab rat for a lifetime?

I know for sure that both you and I have committed to the written word once in exchange for not committing suicide when we were 21 years old. For all I know that’s the only thing we have in common: Commitment.

But once again, please, bestow upon me just a dash of your measureless patience to not sweat the small stuff.

I was extremely pissed when I subconsciously reacted to my situation earlier. My gym had lousy electric service and, for some reason, they’ve been leaving this problem unfixed for quite some time. Many times throughout my 7-month membership at the club, without any sort of warning, the whole row of treadmill machines  (except for the last two at the far right corner) abruptly stops running as the powers completely went off. I usually give these glitches a go, because they usually do whatever technical work they needed to do and I have always been able to restart my runs without further problems.

Today, though, was a biggie. It went off 4 times in total … within just one night! Before I finish my 5-minute warmup, it stopped. Then in my head, I changed my 35-minute workout for the night and shortened it to a 33. The machine started again, and it stopped yet again for after about 3 minutes. The next one, I thought I’d change my perspective to look at it as a blessing. These things happen so that my heart rate increase slowly, gradually, and effortlessly. It’ll be a very steady warmup toward a longer run, where I will be saving the most amount of energy to give out my all at the 35-minute mark. Yet tonight, my longest-running record was only around a 30-minute continuous run with a distance of, as I recall, 3.30-something kilometers – yes, the machine stopped again. It’s frustrating that I can’t recall the exact data. I don’t blame my memory because in this case, it doesn’t mean I have a lousy memory. I also love running and spacing out so much that I don’t really lock my eyes constantly on the running time as I run.

So what happened?

During my drive home, I had an epiphany – what if I simply decide not to blame anyone? After all, I do have a choice to not blame anyone. I don’t have to blame myself or the gym, the workers at the club, the electric service, the lifeless treadmill machines, or anyone, anything else related to my mini disaster today.

It’s not even a disaster. By blaming others or myself, I will be the disaster.

My first reaction was, does this gym really hold the quality it promises on its advertisements? Will my readers believe that I actually made that 30-minute mark, even without me getting the chance to take a picture of it?

But hey, 99-year-old self, you know better than I do. You know that responding is 180-degree different from reacting to life’s beloved little problems.

Sorry for taking your time, but I promise to use my lifetime wisely … now that 3 months are gone from my centenarian life. For everything else other than patience, thank you for just the amount of care and attention you always take to look after me. It’s unbelievable that compared to me, your 23-year-old self, one can describe you holding the kind of perseverance an ultra-marathoner would need to wear, because these long-distancers abode to plod far and long through life’s vicissitudes – they are almost always ready to cross great lengths (and transform mere miles into feats) along their way.

Once again, 99-year-old self, thank you for your time. You are, by far, the best listener I’ve ever met.

Yours faithfully,
& with much love,

25 March 2013


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What’s your blood type?

We had a glimpse of personality psychology last week with Doubutsu Uranai. Today, I want to share something similar (at least cute-wise), but a hundred times funnier than any comic strips you’ve ever seen … because they’re so true. Take a look at some of my favorite depictions of the ABO blood types drawn by RealCrazyMan:


What do they live for?


Marshmallow Story


Golden Axe, Silver Axe


Blind Date


Inner World


It’s amazing how RealCrazyMan can illustrate such a high degree of kawaiiness only with faceless figures and their daily mishaps. I guess mere body language alone tells all. How you express your inner world is evident by the way you carry yourself.

What’s your blood type? I’m a B, and Bs have a pretty bad reputation for being ignorant, selfish, and careless …


Type B, according to RealCrazyMan’s post:

People with blood type B are the most practical of the blood groups. They are specialists in what they do. When they start a project, they spend extra time understanding and trying to follow directions than others might. When they are doing something, all of their attention is focused on it. They tend to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end, even if it seems impossible. They tend to be less than cooperative, as they like to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are individualists. B type people pay attention to their thoughts a little more than their feelings, and therefore can sometimes seem cold and serious.

People with blood type B are often considered more relaxed, freewheeling, and unconventional than other types, although not necessarily to an unacceptable degree. In anime, the genki, off-the-wall types are type B, along with any kind of well-intended character who’s ruled by their impulses.


If you know your blood type, do you think RealCrazyMan‘s illustrations ring true to you?




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Making Miles: Week 32

Left: Jack-knife stretch, starting position. Right: Stretching position.


Note: During my run 4 weeks ago, I placed my iPod Nano on my chest like I used to before I broke it the other time (Weeks 13 through 16). It broke again … and I don’t think I will ever attach my iPod Nano on my chest again. It’s where I sweat the most. I won’t attach anything on my chest again. Now I’ll wait till this September for the latest generation of Apple iPod to be released. Because of my mission to Japan, I didn’t set any mileage goal for this week (but I still stole a little time to do it today :) ).




My indecision has brought me many troubles these days – in my personal and professional life: I won’t go into details. I’ve decided on waiting for the latest generation of iPod Nano by this September instead. I’ll just grudgingly depend on the treadmill data and translate it into my usual weekly mileage for the next six months. This inefficient method still works anyway, though it doesn’t completely work the way I want it to, complete with a very hard lesson to learn to run without music and amidst other music genres I don’t enjoy listening to at the gym.

Timing is essential, and planning is everything: It’s my own fault – I didn’t work out when I  had the time earlier this week. My Tuesday flight was suddenly moved to Wednesday, and I actually had the time. By Wednesday morning I didn’t think I would have the time to make any runs at all this week, as I was dedicating the whole day to prepare and research my materials before leaving. But in the end, I stole some time to run this morning, and a little workout makes a whole lot difference. Let’s call this week a reboot from Week 1 – a mere 1.52 miles logged, because it’s where my accountability really started. Nevertheless I’ll keep myself in mind that I’m planning to go halfsie at the first week of this November  – that leaves me 7 more months to prepare, or 28 weeks.



Left: Jack-knife stretch, starting position. Right: Stretching position.
Left: Jack-knife stretch, starting position. Right: Stretching position.

– Image courtesy of Runner’s World

Aside from good form, a simple set of dynamic stretching can significantly improve your running economy: Though I’m religious with 5-minute warmups and 5-minute cool downs to kickoff and conclude every workout on a high note, I don’t believe in stretching extensively before my runs. I’ve always saved the limb-elongating routine after the runs. But as a writer, a drawback to my awesome desk job is one pair of supertight hamstrings – and that translates to increased risk of plenty running injuries if I’m not running on a good posture, particularly stiff hips and lower back pain. A 2010 study published on the European Journal of Orthopedic Surgery & Traumatology found that just doing 2 simple sets of jack-knife stretching a day for 4 weeks, with 5 reps a set, increases the flexibility of hamstrings. “Flexible hamstrings are better for anyone to prevent low back pain, especially for athletes,” said study author Koichi Sairyo, M.D., to Runner’s World. “If you have flexible hamstrings, you can use your pelvis [better when in motion]. Tight hamstrings restrict the pelvic motion.” Hold the classic fingers-to-floor forward bend for 5 seconds at each rep (longer than the usual 30-second hold of static stretching) to reap the benefits of the fun active-stretching routine I embedded below, courtesy of Runner’s World:

  • widened range of motions
  • tense muscles relaxed
  • amped-up heart rate



Wholesome [hohl-suhm], according to

  1. conducive to moral or general well-being; salutary; beneficial
  2. conducive to bodily health; healthful; salubrious
  3. suggestive of physical or moral health, especially in appearance
  4. healthy or sound

Perverse [per-vurs], according to

  1. willfully determined or disposed to go counter to what is expected or desired; contrary
  2. characterized by or proceeding from such a determination or disposition
  3. wayward or cantankerous
  4. persistent or obstinate in what is wrong
  5. turned away from or rejecting what is right, good, or proper; wicked or corrupt


Whatever it is in your life you’re building mileage of – be it a weight loss program, a habit removal, a career change, or a sleep schedule – keep yourself accountable to ensure success. If you want to move mountains, you’ve got to count every mile you’ve covered.


Click the button below to download your very own weekly Making Miles worksheet and start seeing yourself progress :)



Rule of thumb when facing challenges: Always choose to plod rather than sprint. Once you’ve crossed the starting line, always pretend you’re in a marathon.


P.S. Connect with me on Nike+ Running! Run over 50 miles and you’ll earn a trophy like I did :) In the meantime, though, because of the other day with my iPod Nano (second time this happened now), I don’t think I’ll be able to run with music, track my pacing, and count my miles accurately in the meantime.




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TGIF! {The 12th}



Sorry I missed you guys on Friday :( I was away for four days and prior to that, I didn’t dedicate as much time as I should to prepare for this post … (whereas I automated posts of a smiley face, of a smack on the face called reality, and the cool personality test result). So I guess technically today is TGIS (Thank God It’s Sunday)?!


– Image courtesy of House of Charms via Tumblr






♡ These super cute bookmarks from Stanley.

IMG_7114 1

Remember that he was in Korea last week? Yeap, as someone who encourages me to further my bookwormish, closet-nerd rituals, he brought home these beautiful bookmarks for me. Thanks baby … for the bookmarks and everything else you’ve provided for me.


Like I said, I was on a 3-day, 2-night Osaka trip for work. I feel blessed that I actually took the time to immerse myself in the Japanese language and culture. I was a huge J-freak when I was in my early teens, and I taught myself the Hiragana and Katakana and took several courses here in Jakarta. I didn’t what they were for, but I just thought it’s something I could do to fill my free time during every school holidays.

My J-freakishness injected my elder brother a lasting interest in the Japanese culture and heritage too. He’s now resides permanently in Okazaki, and I’d go as far as to say he’s completely Japanese today. It’s too bad we haven’t got the time to meet up during my short trip – I haven’t even got everything I should be covering during the trip!!

Free consultation with SK-II’s skin expert Kazumi Toyama

Osakans are all smiles all the time – but they only speak in Japanese T_T You either can converse with them or you can’t. Despite so, they always make an effort to accommodate foreigners however they can, even if イギリス語は少しだけで分かりますでしょう… ^^


♡ The exclusive SK-II kit! 



Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, and Facial Treatment Mask are all available on your nearest SK-II counter. You can also shop online here.


♡ I got to meet lots of peeps who are better than me – and not just on this trip. Seriously, I can never stop learning with this dream job that I have. Everyday my mental and physical strength is challenged, and when married with a long-term yearning to self-educate, a passion for self-expression, and a commitment to never stop learning, you feel like you’re flying 24/7.


♡ I got to meet Indonesian presenter and kindergarten teacher Susan Bachtiar. She’s authentic, she’s present, and she’s an excellent role model for me. Not many know that she’s a runner too – apparently she was on the Jakarta Heart Run! Glad to be able to meet a fellow runner, who’s ultimately graceful in speech and in movement.


♡ Kaori Momori is my personal inspiration to live a long, healthy life … by a commitment to stay silly.

I didn’t get to interview her … but with my great luck I met her at the hotel lobby while she’s on her way out. Sadly this picture is not on full auto, and we can’t take anymore pictures because, you know, celebrities only have seconds for something as trivial as a fan pic! But at 62, she’s so cool, so beautiful, so hip and super friendly :)


♡ The many things I can afford with my family’s wealth – All the more reason why I need to take good care of myself, so that I’ll be able to stand still as a great channel that bears and multiplies the wealth and give others who need the riches more than I do. A gentle reminder to constantly deplete my ego until it’s nonexistent.


♡ On my flight home, one kind flight attendant gave me a discount coupon! “Where are you from? Indonesia? Any mixed blood? Oooh Chinese? You so beautiful!” Then she handed me a 5% discount coupon for every US$50 purchase I make in-flight, which I notice she didn’t give to anyone else. I took hours to keep flipping through the magazine, only to find myself with an unused coupon and an empty hand because of my indecision. The more I think about it, the more I I’m sure I don’t need to experience luxury goods and services in order to enjoy life. Which brings us to …


♡ On the last connecting flight, I get to enjoy the luxurious Business Class experience of CX 797.



♡ And I’m always glad once again to be a multilingual – the attendants spoke in Mandarin Chinese to me when I said I don’t understand Cantonese. It’s these kind of little instances when I realized it’s the small talks that builds relationships – not formal speech. 谢谢 for the excellent service :)


We’re only on the twelfth week of practicing gratitude, yet so much has changed in my life by simply shifting my perspective. There are much, much more things to be grateful for this week, and I can’t possibly list them all down in one post. So keep yourself on the lookout for next week! (And I’ll make sure I keep you updated on Friday instead of Sunday!!) Keep counting your blessings peeps … because God blesses all!




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Help someone today


They say you can’t always get what you want.


– Image courtesy of Eye Candy via Tumblr


You ain’t got what she have – good looks, statement bags, a wide network and a high-flying career. The guy drives a Lamborghini, and he’s got a newer iPhone than yours – all your friends are impressed. While your mother tells you to be this kind of person, your boss expects you to be that kind of person.

Pressured? Check out this Ryan Higa‘s awesome video, a result from his collaboration with the guys at Wong Fu:


It’s wiser for us, especially those living in a third-world country, to refrain from complaining about our daily inanities and step out from our fancy cars to see that there’s actually much more people deserving our goods, treatments, and other riches we’ve so conveniently inherited from our parents.

You’ve got two legs, two hands, one fully-functioning head to keep all your limbs working. Unlike the disabled, you’ve got everything you need PLUS a free ticket to own the finer things in life. With that amount of power, isn’t it better to reach out your hand and distribute what you have in excess to the orphans, beggars, widows, and the underprivileged population in your country, rather than complaining about them?

You may think, okay, that’s cute. It’s easier said than done.

This week marks the beginning of my second month working for the nation’s largest media company. The fact that I chose to drive by myself, even if my mother advises me to use our chauffeur, reminds me daily of how much we have not provided for our citizens. Everyday on my way to and back from work, I never fail to forget that, under the umbrella reality beyond myself, we’re still living in a third-world country. At every stoplight throughout the city there’s almost always an empty hand asking for your kindness. Isn’t that an opportunity, even if it’s not much, for you to help someone who needs more help than you?

But it’s your call.

There’s a reason why we are all created with two ears and one mouth.


Pay attention to your surroundings, and, rather than making a big fuss out of trivial matters, pray for those in need instead.




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Who are you in the animal kingdom?



I’m always fascinated by personality tests, notably accurate ones.

A friend referred to me this website, Doubutsu Uranai (literally meaning “animal fortune-telling”), a very long time ago. I recently stumbled upon it again and recalled the self-reflection I went through the very first time I saw my results. I’ve got to say … 80% of it are true.



  • You are Gold Lion, who is rather serious and polite type of person.
  • You value personal relationships.
  • You suppress yourself and act to be a sociable person.
  • But you are really a person who doesn’t like to lose to anyone.
  • You dislike emotional atmosphere and vague attitude. (huh?)
  • You want to make everything clear-cut.
  • You like to stay in your own little world.
  • If you get in a situation where there are lots of people you can not express yourself and act as a perfect person.
  • You are not very subjective sort of person, unlike ordinary women, but unfortunately you lack soft and gentle atmosphere.
  • You tend to be too bold.
  • You cannot help but stretch your hand to those who are in need.
  • You are very kind person who helps the weak.
  • You are also weak on compliments, and will work enthusiastically after someone has given a compliment.
  • You will go about your duty steadily and loyally, and not get in a rush to achieve the objective. (I do take my own sweet time …)
  • You have perseverance, and will work effortlessly until you reach your objective.
  • Something that you have worked steadily for a long, long time, will turn out to be an asset to the world. (let’s hope for that!)
  • You are careful and rational, and therefore place value to steady life.
  • After getting married, you will be a devoted mother and a wife, but you are really a very dependent person, and prefer to keep your own little world. (hmmm …)


Backed by social and behavioral psychology studies, the Doubutsu Uranai personality assessment only requires you to include your date of birth to accurately determine who you are among the 12 different kinds of animals your unique traits and characteristics most closely resemble.



– Images courtesy of Doubutsu Uranai


Once you know which animal you resemble most, you are further classified into one of the colors on their file. If you are situation-oriented, or otherwise noted as belonging to the New Moon family or the Sun family, you are either a yellow, green, gold, or silver animal. If you’re a laser-sharp objective person, belonging to the Full Moon group or the Earth group, you’re either in red, blue, brown, orange, purple, or black. Stripped off the ‘gold’ label, of which the gold lion is described as “bold and sedate, but have inner sensitivity”, I zoomed out a bit and went back to what I basically resemble: The lion.



1. Lions love special treatment and praise.

2. Lions say things like “Awesome!” and “Definitely!”

3. Lions don’t complain and are hard on others

4. Lions are perfectionists

5. Lions are not good with numbers

6. Lions’ mortal enemies are lack of sleep and an empty stomach

7. Lions own expensive things

8. Lions love silly puns

9. Lions are actually spoiled kids

10. Lions are outwardly impressive; but their rooms are a shambles


… aaand all 10 of the above statements are true, as my fellow Lion friend Alex agreed too. *facepalm*


What about you? Which of the 12 animals do you resemble, and what color is your animal? Tell me your results on the comments section below :)




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Making Miles: Week 31



Note: During my run 3 weeks ago, I placed my iPod Nano on my chest like I used to before I broke it the other time (Weeks 13 through 16). It broke again … and I don’t think I will ever attach my iPod Nano on my chest again. It’s where I sweat the most. For some reason my 6th gen iPod nano is working now, though display is still pitch-black. If it can be fixed, I’mma fix it. If it’ll cost me a lot, I’ll wait till this September for the latest generation of Apple iPod to be released. Also, next week I’m assigned to go to Japan. Hooray!


Every week on Making Miles, I will share the lessons I’ve learned and practiced in running, which are often also applicable to life. A word of note: I’m not a registered coach or trainer, and what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it can work for you. Remember to always consult with your physician before starting or changing any exercise program.




– Image courtesy of Amethyst Cheairs via Pinterest

Mindfulness is a sturdy aegis against stress: Practice consciously observing and listening to your present environment without judging, and you’ll cultivate a more stable emotional well-being in your life (just as everybody loves a good listener). A recent University of Utah study, which will be discussed at the annual American Psychosomatic Society meeting later this March, supports this fact: “People who reported higher levels of mindfulness described better control over their emotions and behaviors during the day,” said Holly Rau, one of the researchers involved in the study. “In addition, higher mindfulness was associated with lower activation at bedtime, which could have benefits for sleep quality and future ability to manage stress.” So whenever you squirm on your seat and feel like tearing off pieces of papers with gritted teeth, shift back to the now, take a long, deep breath, and exhale. Ease into the next moment not with tantrums but with grace. A word of note: This study is based on self-reports as assessed by a small sample of 38 undergrads, who were taking psychology courses at the time of the study.



Compared to the size of your body frame, eye diameter is a more accurate factor to determine your maximum running speed: It’s a no-brainer that lighter runners can run faster than heavier counterparts, but researchers from the University of Texas at Austin say the bigger the size of your eyes, the higher your mental acuity is, and the better you avoid colliding with surrounding obstacles as you run. With sharp sight comes speedy run (or the other way round), whether or not it’s a causal effect or merely a correlational factor. When body mass is factored in proportion to your eye size, you can more accurately predict which mammal can run faster than the other. “There is going to be the effect of body mass, but when you look at maximum running speed in isolation or when you hold body mass constant, it’s still significantly related to eye size,” told study researcher Chris Kirk to LiveScience. “And when you combine maximum running speed and body mass as your two variables influencing how big an eye is, they can explain almost all of the differences observed between species.” The larger a mammal’s eyes for their body size, as a small frame for large cheetah’s eyes compared to an extra-large frame for the elephant’s eyes, the quicker they are able to move. This interesting study, which appeared on Anatomical Record, was presented at the 2011 American Association of Physical Anthropology Meeting.


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As you keep yourself accountable along your journey making milestones, don’t forget to laugh often. It’s easier to go on if you’re not completely placing your focus on your progress. I may not have an iPod nano to know my pace as for now like I usually do, but I don’t want to pressure myself to buy a new one hastily just to get the complete data of my runs. Without pace, I still have times to count on (find out why distances on the treadmill is not reliable).





Feel free to view my mileage progress here and my PB (personal best) record here. Remind yourself everyday, every week, every month and every year how far you’ve come to where you are today.

Here’s to making your milestones:





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