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A peek at his diary!


October 2012

He asked me to check my e-mail. Turns out, I’ve received a pleasant surprise!

He’s making a diary with his new gadget (the Galaxy Note 2). Seeing this little gift, I can’t help but smile :D



“Love is loyalty, honesty, and happiness regardless of any condition.”

“Behind a man’s success is a woman who continues to give him support using the power of love.”


Thank you, love <3 (and many thanks to @KamusCewek for making my man understand us women better :p)

I had a stroke of inspiration too today to write him a very simple poem, which I sent through BBM (and also before I found out about this diary entry). I hope it inspires anyone who’s reading this blog entry too :)

If there’s one thing

ahead that looks promising

is my journey of learning

to receive your love.


With your perfecting,

improving that lovin’ feeling,

with joy you got me thinking,

“God, I am loved.”


Hope you are smiling.


Today, I learned that it’s important to tell the one you love that you love them. While you’re at it, remember to smile :)

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(Closed) The little things that keep you in school

Fried Chicken Sandwich: Take one of these hot bites. Enjoy it nice and slow, as it’s extremely buttery and creamy inside. Stuffed with oodles of melted cheese and cushiony bits of chicken flesh, you can’t help but give in to all your temptations. Overloaded with a full house of fats, the crunch is best on the lips while it’s fresh from the oven.
Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio: Very oily indeed, which I like. Plenty of garlic too, which I like. I love seafood, which is a plus, but somehow they felt slightly disintegrated with the spaghetti. Perhaps too little herbs? Too little oomph of fragrance to blend the whole thing? I’d just leave the classic dish as simply how the Italians have been preparing it for centuries – meaning sans the prawns, squids, and chicken.
Loco Moco: Fairly authentic imitation of the Hawaiian breakfast, though traditionally, the dish itself has many variations depending on how you like them. Gravy was thick and good, but can be more flavorful if added with more vegetables of different kinds. Delicious patty, but a whole serving of meat might help to perk up the plain rice too. There seems to be little to no sweetness, maybe a few drops of teriyaki sauce to taste? Keep in mind that it’s all about personal taste when it comes to the Loco Moco.







Detention Room
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 28
Jakarta Utara 14460
(021) 4955 8154








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(Closed) A moment to remember


It was one successful hunt for the perfect restaurant to just chill down after you’ve called it off for the day.

No need for the fancy clothes either – with a medium price-range, you can get so much more than just a nice place to sit – a happy belly filled and, more importantly, a fine moment to remember.




Chicken Quesadilla: Amazing how these quesadillas tasted so authentic – except for, of course, the fact that it’s a third of its original size compared to how it’s served in America. Yet it was appetizing – I wasn’t very hungry to begin with when I walked into Momento – but the excellent starter quickly set the engine that got my stomach rolling through the night.

Baked salmon in foil with teriyaki sauce: The softest, fattest salmon I truly enjoyed since a while. Rendered with vinegared cucumber slices and rice and an extra lemon squeeze, the tender salmon tasted like a million bursts of orgasm for the tongue – a bunch of teriyaki goo, pulpy-sour juice, ginger-sweet slices, and neutralizing cucumbers seeps effortlessly into the feathery flesh of the fish. Every bite fires surges of zing to lift up the spirits, thanks to the healing powers of one good, hearty meal.

Fish and chips: Taking into account my slewed American tongue, this is probably the finest fish and chips I’ve ever tasted in my life. Skin was just crispy enough to gulp without hurting my sensitive throat, and fish quality was surprisingly exquisite, especially for a mid-priced restaurant. The velvety flesh, the sour-creamy dipping sauce, freshly-washed greens and a lemon squeeze altogether makes a wide range of delicacy for any tongue.

Momento Restaurant & Bar
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ruko Crown Gold Block D No. 33 & 35
Jakarta Utara 14460