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A peek at his diary!


October 2012

He asked me to check my e-mail. Turns out, I’ve received a pleasant surprise!

He’s making a diary with his new gadget (the Galaxy Note 2). Seeing this little gift, I can’t help but smile :D



“Love is loyalty, honesty, and happiness regardless of any condition.”

“Behind a man’s success is a woman who continues to give him support using the power of love.”


Thank you, love <3 (and many thanks to @KamusCewek for making my man understand us women better :p)

I had a stroke of inspiration too today to write him a very simple poem, which I sent through BBM (and also before I found out about this diary entry). I hope it inspires anyone who’s reading this blog entry too :)

If there’s one thing

ahead that looks promising

is my journey of learning

to receive your love.


With your perfecting,

improving that lovin’ feeling,

with joy you got me thinking,

“God, I am loved.”


Hope you are smiling.


Today, I learned that it’s important to tell the one you love that you love them. While you’re at it, remember to smile :)

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The little things that keep you in school

Fried Chicken Sandwich: Take one of these hot bites. Enjoy it nice and slow, as it’s extremely buttery and creamy inside. Stuffed with oodles of melted cheese and cushiony bits of chicken flesh, you can’t help but give in to all your temptations. Overloaded with a full house of fats, the crunch is best on the lips while it’s fresh from the oven.
Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio: Very oily indeed, which I like. Plenty of garlic too, which I like. I love seafood, which is a plus, but somehow they felt slightly disintegrated with the spaghetti. Perhaps too little herbs? Too little oomph of fragrance to blend the whole thing? I’d just leave the classic dish as simply how the Italians have been preparing it for centuries – meaning sans the prawns, squids, and chicken.
Loco Moco: Fairly authentic imitation of the Hawaiian breakfast, though traditionally, the dish itself has many variations depending on how you like them. Gravy was thick and good, but can be more flavorful if added with more vegetables of different kinds. Delicious patty, but a whole serving of meat might help to perk up the plain rice too. There seems to be little to no sweetness, maybe a few drops of teriyaki sauce to taste? Keep in mind that it’s all about personal taste when it comes to the Loco Moco.







Detention Room
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 28
Jakarta Utara 14460
(021) 4955 8154








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A moment to remember


It was one successful hunt for the perfect restaurant to just chill down after you’ve called it off for the day.

No need for the fancy clothes either – with a medium price-range, you can get so much more than just a nice place to sit – a happy belly filled and, more importantly, a fine moment to remember.




Chicken Quesadilla: Amazing how these quesadillas tasted so authentic – except for, of course, the fact that it’s a third of its original size compared to how it’s served in America. Yet it was appetizing – I wasn’t very hungry to begin with when I walked into Momento – but the excellent starter quickly set the engine that got my stomach rolling through the night.

Baked salmon in foil with teriyaki sauce: The softest, fattest salmon I truly enjoyed since a while. Rendered with vinegared cucumber slices and rice and an extra lemon squeeze, the tender salmon tasted like a million bursts of orgasm for the tongue – a bunch of teriyaki goo, pulpy-sour juice, ginger-sweet slices, and neutralizing cucumbers seeps effortlessly into the feathery flesh of the fish. Every bite fires surges of zing to lift up the spirits, thanks to the healing powers of one good, hearty meal.

Fish and chips: Taking into account my slewed American tongue, this is probably the finest fish and chips I’ve ever tasted in my life. Skin was just crispy enough to gulp without hurting my sensitive throat, and fish quality was surprisingly exquisite, especially for a mid-priced restaurant. The velvety flesh, the sour-creamy dipping sauce, freshly-washed greens and a lemon squeeze altogether makes a wide range of delicacy for any tongue.

Momento Restaurant & Bar
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ruko Crown Gold Block D No. 33 & 35
Jakarta Utara 14460



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Fitness Journal: Failures to win



Total mileage: 11.94 miles
Target mileage of the week: 11 miles




Power song through the week:
ATB feat. Aruna – My Saving Grace




Tuesday, 23 October 2012

0.67 mi run in 7:41 min (pace: 11’33″ / mi)

1.68 mi run in 16:54 min (pace: 10’02″ / mi)




Wednesday, 24 October 2012

2.96 mi run in 29:00 min (pace: 9’47″ / mi)




Thursday, 25 October 2012

2.27 mi run in 23:04 min (pace: 10’08″ / mi)




Saturday, 27 October 2012

4.36 mi run in 45:52 min (pace: 10’29″ / mi)




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Imperial relish

Three-egg pocai – We reached Emporium Pluit Mall at around 8.30pm, and stores are closing down soon. The thing about just every big restaurants (Imperial Chef is a non-halal option of The Duck King Group restaurants) is that most of them have customer services that are less friendly, especially to the late ones who arrived just before they close down. I practically commute to work everyday and my boyfriend’s office is somewhere between half an hour to an hour away, depending on the traffic. Point is, it was very, very late, and our dining experience was extremely unpleasant – imagine the entire staff of the restaurant laying their eyes on every movement you make – how can you not squirm in your seat with every passing minute? Put all those things aside, the food is awesome. Three-egg vegetable dishes are a Chinese classic, but I love the fact that even when pressured in such a rush, the chef was able to put together a scrumptious palate. Broth is surprisingly soothing – I could sense little to no artificial content at all. Normally Chinese restaurants are stingy on eggs too, but it’s obvious how lenient they are with regards to our tardiness.
Seafood sapo tofu: What can go wrong with tofu? Sweet shrimps, tangy squids, and lean fish cuts are all dipped into a warm pot of wet, soft tofu base. Aftertaste leaves an extra-luscious moist on your lips.
Steamed scallop on soft tofu: This tofu tasted about ten times silkier than the sapo tofu. Soft scallops alone have a sharp and distinct taste. Couple that with the silken tofu, simply season with oyster sauce and soy sauce, top off with chili and parsley cuts, and voila – a very simple solution to your long search for delicious home-cooked style meals. Thumbs up for minimal fuss on food preparation and accentuating the natural flavors of real, whole foods.








Imperial Chef
Emporium Pluit Mall
3rd Floor
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya Bl S6
Jakarta Utara 14440
(021) 6667 6694





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A fun run, and the little things in life to be thankful for


October 2012


Here I am to update a bit on yesterday’s 5k run at the 2012 Jakarta RACE.

Well, it’s nothing like I expected it to be – it’s purely for charity, so that explains why there’s no chip timing systems or race results to look forward to after the run.

But it was fun. I’ve never seen downtown Jakarta this clear and empty. It’s usually a dense traffic.

During the 10k race last month, my Nano was pretty accurate on measuring my distance. For this run, however, the Nano read my total running distance as 6.25 km when it’s supposed to be just a 5 km distance.

1.25 km is quite a big number for inaccuracy. But I digress. I won’t complain. I had fun anyways.

I’ll just count it on my weekly progress as just that – 3.1 miles. A machine is a machine – I can’t expect it to be accurate all the time.

So for a 6.25 km distance, I ran it all in 34 minutes and 52 seconds, which translates to 11’15” / mi. Which  is awesome. The last time I did a 5k distance (check out my running page), I was at a pace of 11’02 / mi. It may be slower, but I know I can go faster. Lots of unexpected things happened while on the road. I even almost got hit by a bus!

Thanks to Ninit Yunita, the whole race was thoroughly documented in beautiful pictures. You can view them all, which were posted as an album on the Indo Runners Facebook fan page.



That’s my gray tank top and I along with friends.

From Ninit Yunita.




Great event – it’s a thrill to run just for the sake of running!

Also, I want to make a correction: On this post and this one, I mentioned I’m going to run two races, which will take place on November 4 and 29. Turns out the Standard Chartered run is going to be held on the same day as the Allianz run, which is on the 4th! So we’re choosing to run on the 4th instead, just because it’s nearer and that we won’t have to skimp on sleep and wake up so early.

Stanley’s mother just came back from Hawaii today. She knew I love dark chocolate and nuts and it’s a pleasure to receive these little gifts from her:





As a fellow tea-lover, she grabbed me some teabag sachets of various flavors …





… FYI, here’s how my current tea collection looks like …




I’m glad I have so much in common with her. She’s as crazy about tea just as I am!

As you may already know, I drink about a gallon of water a day. The way I do it is carrying around a water bottle that can fit 1 liter of water at each refill. I left the bottle in Stanley’s car some time ago, and since then it mysteriously disappeared! He asked his driver, his housemaids, his workers, and nobody saw it. At one occasion his sister did saw it left in the car, but then nobody really knew who took it out and where it is now.

Since it’s really, really, really difficult to find a 1 liter water bottle that won’t leak, in the meantime, Stanley made up for the loss with this pleasant surprise:





… Now I have two Stanleys to take care of!!! :p

#WhatMadeMyDay I can take my baby with me to the office from now on, sip a full glass of tea with him, and reduce my daily stress everyday.

Thanks baby!









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Jakarta’s Chandara, an authentic Thai cuisine

Khao ohb nam-lieb – (Fried rice with chinese black olive and chicken served with fresh chili, lime, shallot, and cashew nuts) I have to say that this is my favorite item out of the three we ordered. Everything was generally triple-spicy, though spiciness is an essential characteristic of every authentic Thai cuisine (but I enjoyed my dinner very much). A myriad of flavors and aromas come into play for all three dishes. I never thought dollops of sour limes could complement so well with fried rice – imagine how that zest taste together with those red-hot chili slices!
Goong op wunsen – (Baked prawn with vermicelli, black mushrooms, spring onions, chinese celery, and garlic in claypot) Love that huge, juicy, meaty prawns! I wasn’t satisfied for the fact that they served only two prawns, whereas the rest of the giant pot was covered under a cloak of vermicelli. Nevertheless it’s an ultra-delicious vermicelli scented with slices of garlic, shallots, onions, celeries, and gigantic mushrooms.
Pla krapong manaow – (Steamed whole sea bass with fresh lime juice and chili sauce) My bad to think that medium-spicy is equal to that of dishes served in American restaurants. I completely forgot we’re a nation of spices, and just a medium like this one burned my tongue. Bathed under washes of sour lime and the burning spiciness (although a little too sour and spicy) … sprinkled with garlic minces and parsley leaves (though I’d like more garlic, please) … the soft sea bass was an immediate thumbs-up for us. Chandara has made our night with a memorable dining experience. Coupled with an attentive customer service, Chandara has made themselves the highlight of our date night.



Plaza Indonesia Extension, Level 1 Unit E 18
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
(021) 2992 3775



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Target mileage for next week, and some crabs

I have reached my goal distance for the week, though I haven’t run the Jakarta Race (it’s tomorrow). the 10.5 miles goal was supposed to include the 3.1 miles for the race.

But hell yeah! I did it again!

I worked out 4 times this week, and all 4 of them are longer than the usual distances I go for.

4.01 + 3.51 + 3.76 + 3.65 = 14.93 miles

OMG! And that does not even include the distance I will cover tomorrow morning!!

For the sake of convenience (and tomorrow I won’t have to babble about how I enjoyed my run :p), I’ll just include the 3.1 miles now to see my progress:



Week 1: 1.52 mi
Week 2: 3.79 mi
Week 3: 5.86 mi
Week 4: 6.93 mi
Week 5: 13.28 mi
Week 6: 7.34 mi
Week 7: 7.54 mi
Week 8: 9.79 mi
Week 9: 10.31 mi
Week 10: 18.03 mi




OMG!!! That’s quite a lot (I know it’s annoying when I say OMG! But … OMG!!!). I’m so happy with the progressive success!!!



In any case, I’ll set my target mileage for next week right now:



I want to run 11 miles next week, and I will do it.




I know I will have to recover after a sudden raise in my weekly mileage from the previous week, pretty much like how i recovered after my 10k race on Week 5. So that’s why I’ll just keep the bar low for my goal next week.

In other news…

My daddy was back in the country this past Tuesday after a business trip.

He brought back home FIFTEEN live crabs! He knows how much I love seafood, particularly fleshy, oozy, juicy crabs.

I’m really grateful for that – knowing my father knows me well, even though he doesn’t know anything about my day-to-day life. #WhatMadeMyDay





These are just my portion. We still have lots of it back in the kitchen, and they’re ALIVE!

Speaking of family, I mentioned I was planning a fancy dinner this weekend, i.e. for my mom, dad, Stanley, and me to dine together.

Turns out my mother will not be able to make it.

So we rescheduled for next week.

In the meantime, I won’t say anything more. What I can say is, as long as I remain adamant about what I’m going to do and what I’m not going to do in the working life, I believe all the broken pieces can finally come together.













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Fitness Journal: Find your happy pace and feel content in life

4.01 mi run in 39:30 min (pace: 9’51″ / mi)

Music:  A State of Trance Official Podcast Episode 240

Orjan Nilsen – Copperfield