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Striped dress on NYE

MUSIC: Full Tilt feat. Deirdre McLaughlin – Surrender (Sneijder vs John O’Callaghan Remix)

Label: Subculture (Armada)


Track now available for purchase at Beatport.

MUSIC: W&W feat. Bree – Nowhere To Go (Shogun Remix)

Label: S107 Recordings (Armada)



Track now available for purchase at Beatport.


MUSIC: Cosmic Gate with Aruna — Free Falling (Barra)

Label: Black Hole Recordings


MUSIC: Jessie J – Domino (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Mix)


This is a rework of the X Factor challenger Jessie J with her hit single, “Domino”. Thanks to Myon & Shane 54′s Summer of Love Mix, the song works perfectly as a dance tune. I first caught this catchy song on their podcast, International Departures on Episode 107. You can listen to the episodes for free on iTunes.


Hamtaro says hi!





Hope it brightens up your gloomy day (if indeed it is).






An angel’s touch




I AM crying. I cannot stop crying.


Dear God, please help me ease my pain. I don’t want to hurt others through my pain. Please, send me someone whom I can fully trust, someone whom I can fully express my feelings to. Someone whom I know does not judge but listen with open ears. Someone whom I feel safe to be around with.

Someone who I can love.

I don’t want to cry every night like this anymore. My face is starting to show. 

Please, please… Send me someone with whom I can find comfort. Someone who keeps his word. Someone who means all the things he says.

In this night’s thunders and storms, I cannot take it anymore…

I’ve committed to death and a lifetime of dedication to my life’s purpose. 

Please do send me an angel. 




SALUNA is signing off.

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