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An angel’s touch




I AM crying. I cannot stop crying.


Dear God, please help me ease my pain. I don’t want to hurt others through my pain. Please, send me someone whom I can fully trust, someone whom I can fully express my feelings to. Someone whom I know does not judge but listen with open ears. Someone whom I feel safe to be around with.

Someone who I can love.

I don’t want to cry every night like this anymore. My face is starting to show. 

Please, please… Send me someone with whom I can find comfort. Someone who keeps his word. Someone who means all the things he says.

In this night’s thunders and storms, I cannot take it anymore…

I’ve committed to death and a lifetime of dedication to my life’s purpose. 

Please do send me an angel. 




SALUNA is signing off.

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Pinecone sketch







Really, really old stuff.

It’s a sketch, it’s gestural. It’s not a the real work you put all your effort in, it’s just a rough sketch coming from the hands of a vague mind.











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You’ll never know what’s coming

This is another old piece. I can tell right away where the shadows are rendered not-so-well, and what’s to edit on the big picture. Anyways, I’ll leave it to that. A little more about the piece…

A copy from a photo I was a toddler. Even at an innocent age as early as when I was about 2 to 4 years old, the shadow has already been following me up till today. Nevertheless, there are also a whole lot more shadows ahead of me – bigger ones, taller ones – and they’re heading towards me. From that moment onwards, they will continue to try to test my innocence in the coming years.

Will I continue being innocent? Should I not face these monsters by avoiding them? Or should I bravely face them with my courage? Will I be one of them after that? Or will I return to my innocence?

Just trying to be poetic. Or deeply shallow.

Everything was done in a B-pencil.