EAT 1500 calories a day


November 2011



Stacia’s personal challenge of the week is eating a maximum of 1500 a day for weight control. To see her upcoming challenges, check out her challenge of the week page under the Agenda tab.




You can pretty much say that I overate a bit and I went hungry for a bit throughout the week. Let’s just say I went above and below 1500 calories, but nowhere close. So… I failed! Boo-hoo. I guess from the very start, I didn’t have a strong enough reason to actually challenge myself eating 1500 calories a day, that’s why I failed.

Anyway, I guess this is a learning experience. Not a failure.

I learn that I am the kind of person who loves to break rules, who is completely spontaneous, who loves good food but generally loves healthy foods, so this body naturally loves health and therefore is naturally healthy. And I feel good about that. A moment of gratitude right there.

I also learn that portion control is a necessity. In life, God is the only portion that I need. Food, then, just like everything else, should have its own limits at its own limited time. When you got a one-hour lunch break, you’re not going to eat 1000 calories, obviously. That’s American (And I’m not) (Guys, I’m joking). I’ve been eating so much less than that my whole life. And I rarely snack – I’ve always followed the traditional 3 meals a day and maintained an average of 500-800 calories per meal. If I do snack, it’s really just bits and pieces of dark chocolate and many cups of green tea just after my afternoon nap.

Speaking of naps, I remember: I’ve taken up java again (See: Starting to sip coffee and all).

I’m also the kind that can drink a cup of black coffee for a minute and then sleep after that. Generally, I don’t worry too much and don’t get myself depressed with anxiety anymore. I still do, but not as much as it affects others around me. I think coffee as my antidepressant. So I’m glad that I’m drinking it again, alongside my green tea.

I also think that I want to change the rules here: This is not a weekly challenge per se. This is a however-long-it-takes-to-make-or-change-a-habit challenge. A week is not enough for normal people to develop habits. It takes roughly 21 days for a habit to form permanently. I don’t necessarily want to set up new goals every 21 days, or 30 days, or within a year, or whatever – it all depends on where I am in my life right now and what I want to change at this moment. And when I succeeded, I’ll share with you all about it here in my blog. So, strip away that ‘weekly’ challenge into the general term ‘challenges’, like, those you face in life.

Right now, I’m thinking of do-something-a-day challenge that will reap benefits in the long run. You know, like if you save a dollar a day and within a year you will have 365 dollars in your savings account. That kind of thing.

That will take time for me to think about. Because I’m thinking about doing-something-a-day thing that everyone is doing too. I want to find my meaning.

That’s why we are all here, right?

Let’s get away from the heavy subject. Today I bought  GNC’s Ultra Nourish-Hair supplement after reading plenty of positive reviews online. Its star nutrient is biotin, which is responsible for healthy glow of your hair and the growth of your nails. Although my hair grows noticeably within the past four months I’ve last been on vacation mood, I still want to speed up the process of it, along with snack on nori seaweed (which is high in Biotin content). Today marks the day of the calendar that I’m taking this supplement. I am going to consistently see whether there are results or not in the next weeks to come.

Just wait and see, long mane!










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SALUNA: Story of a girl

Once, there was a little girl who reads. A lot.



She would spend all day in her room, hiding underneath the sheets, holding her glow-in-the-dark watch close to the paperback classic. She read words upon words, she gets ideas by the second, and those ideas go away whenever she’s done reading.

To prevent this from happening, she tried to write those ideas down in her own words. On a piece of paper, she wrote down the following words:

My name is Luna. People call me Sal.

On the right-hand side of the page, just on top of the bottom corner, she wrote:

But I love Luna better, because my family calls me Luna.

She folded the piece of paper into half. She went on opening the piece of paper just as she would whenever she opens up to the Harry Potter series, or the books by Roald Dahl, turning the folded piece into a portrait view, the words she had just written reads like a book.

It’s a story! It’s my story.

Then, she smiled to herself.

I’m going to continue becoming a writer when I grow up.

I’m sure her family will be very proud of her.





Saluna and her stories: View all / Diary entries

Hollow heart


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Faith, hope, and love

Available for print from my shop on Etsy.

© 2011, Stacia Priscilla



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A cup of green tea

© 2011, Stacia Priscilla




Starting to sip coffee and all


November 2011



Stacia’s personal challenge of the week is eating a maximum of 1500 a day for weight control. To see her upcoming challenges, check out her challenge of the week page under the Agenda tab.


OK, first day is fine. I blew off my 1500 limit – but hey! It doesn’t sound that easy. Calories aren’t just numbers. Not all calories are created the same. And you know what, after today, I think I should start photographing my meals, for accountability purposes.

This morning I had a cup of Apples & Cinnamon Quaker Instant Oatmeal with some dark chocolate chips sprinkled on it and lots of pomegranate seeds, some flaxseeds. And then I had a bowl of brown rice topped with cold, salted Japanese vegetables, some small-cut fresh ham, cooked lentil seeds, nori furikake, and a tablespoon of Korean chili paste to mix the whole thing. I know, quick, fancy breakfast, huh?

That’s how big my breakfasts are.

But at night, I eat like a beggar.

For starters, those of you who follow my blog should already be familiar that I tend to eat at about 3000 calories a day. I know it’s crazy – those were the days I do still exercise regularly – but it’s approaching the end of my school semester right now, and I spend most of my time either doing my homework, or researching about my homework, or sitting in front of the computer for hours on Adobe Illustrator. So I just have to limit my caloric intake for now before I restart my exercise routine again.

So, 1500 is half of my usual caloric intake. That should do.

So that breakfast is about 600-700 calories.

And at lunch, I had the perfect California vegetarian lasagna at a local cafe nearby my school building. It has lots of tomatoes and cheese in it, and I love cheese. And it was a huge portion. So I divided it between day and night. And I eyeballed it. And I think it’s about 1000 calories.

So, I blew it off for today. 1600 calories. But that’s okay. At least I’m close.

Anyway, I don’t want to be a hypermaniac who counts her specific number of caloric intake everyday. I’m just gonna eyeball everything. So, everything is inaccurate. But at least I can notice the results in time, right? Of course I won’t predict my tummy and thighs are going to get back to normal after last weekend by the end of this week, so I am thinking of continuing this challenge for the following week after this one. But we’ll see.

By the way, I just bought an instant coffee, and I haven’t been drinking coffee for the last 2 years – just plain old tea. As a teenager I have always drink green tea. But coffee is just for keeping me awake during my college years in the past. And to survive the last few weeks of the semester, I think I’m going to need coffee. It acts as an appetite suppressant too, so I don’t go reach out for late-night snacks, which goes directly to my love handles and muffin top.

OK. Let me get back to my work.

For those who are interested in incorporating healthy meals, maximizing nutritional benefits to your daily diets while energizing yourself with the least amount of calories you would like to take, follow Sarah-Jane’s blog, Eat Like Me, on Self magazine – she takes pictures of her meals, which inspires me to take pictures of my meals too.





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SLEEP for at least 8 hours + CRUNCH 20 times, day and night


November 2011



Stacia’s personal challenge of the week is sleeping for at least 8 hours a day, then crunching her midsection for 20 times, 2 times a day, to suppress symptoms of depression. To see her upcoming challenges, check out her challenge of the week page under the Agenda tab.



OK. Honesty is the best policy.

I totally failed this challenge.

Hold on right there. It doesn’t mean I didn’t sleep or I didn’t do crunches at all.

Of course, my no-sleep days are over by now. Those were the worst of the worst nights. I still get great sleeps this week, just not enough. Not the recommended 8-hour-a-day sleep. Far than 8 hours.

So, last weekend, starting from Friday evening till Sunday night, I went on a retreat with the peeps from my church. The main theme was “Character is Destiny”. Here are the objectives, according to the flyer:


1. Character growth toward Christ (Hebrew 1:3)

2. Managing critical point in self, in order to win from struggle and sin (Rome 5:3-5)

3. Strengthening the destination of life, to acquire the maximum of Christ’s character (Ephesians 2:!0)


The guest speakers for this retreat are specialists of the human character, personality, and core temperaments. Yes, you can say that it involves psychology, neuroscience, or whatever you want to call it, and each of us were given about 30-minute personal consultation based on our character in order to determine our destiny.

First night we arrived, we were late. This is a classic characteristic of an Indonesian. Generally, our whole group were divided into four people per room, and the four of us girls stayed up until 4 in the morning just talking. You know, girls. We talk. A lot.

And the next night, obviously I was exhausted. I was happy to have high hopes and determination for my destiny though, after a one-on-one session with my consultants. I went to sleep at about 1 in the morning and was still exhausted the next day.

Anyway, that’s the point. I didn’t get much sleep last weekend.

Obviously, I forget doing my crunches, since I didn’t have a specific time I set to prepare myself to sleep. It didn’t become a habit at all; so I just did my crunches whenever I remember to do it. I didn’t manage to do it everyday, because I do forget. But crunches do help ease the pain of daily stress. So I love doing crunches.

Anyway, that’s that when it comes to this week’s challenge.

Let me get more into the whole retreat.



‘I am Christ’


During the first session, we were given sheets of questionnaires and MCQs about our daily behaviors and preferences in life. The answers are the foundation for the consultants to read our character as a whole, for the purpose of our consultation later on. Then, one of the speakers chanted, and wanted us to chant: “I am Christ.” This helps to remind us that inside us lives Christ. Because more often than not, we forget. And we get lost in earthly things.

Christ lived by good habits. He rises up early, prays day and night, doesn’t eat meat, fully exercises faith, and communicate with Father 24/7. God is always there, 24/7. It’s just how we respond to Him, or do not respond to him, that shapes our life, and that makes up our character. Character is, therefore, the right response, the Christ way of responding to conditions, situations, and all the things life has to give. Time, therefore, is witness. That is the only role of time’s existence.

There are a few signs of a person losing sight of his/her destiny. They are:


1. Confused

2. Lazy

3. Wasted

4. Empty


Now let’s look at Ephesians 2:10:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.


Right there. We are created for good works. And we are His living work of art. And the truth is, I’ve been feeling like all of that for the last 2 years or so. But it’s changing somewhere in the middle of this year, and I’m still recovering, replenishing my soul, receiving my hopes from God, as an exchange for my promise to Him, that I shall prove Him right. Because I do believe He does exist in my life, and that I am gifted and were equipped with a vast amount of potential waiting to manifest itself in my life. Believe it or not, He gave me influential powers to prove Him right but I spend most of my time questioning why he chose me to be the one who’s so strong.



Mercy is magical

My consultant revealed to me the same thing as I did believe. And that makes me yet even more determined about the power and authority I have over my will. But, in the meantime, I’m still battling the 3 enemies inside me, which exist in all of us:


1. Desires of the flesh

2. Desires of the eyes

3. Arrogance and the ego


(1 John 2:16-17) For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world. The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.


And the ONLY way to tackle all 3 enemies is MERCY.

I guess this is a lifelong learning process, to have mercy in all kinds of people, to witness the eyes of Jesus in every one on Earth. It’s a difficult process, yet it makes our souls divine, like Christ.

I somehow suspect that sleep, as a daily review of our life, as the mind awakes at night and our physical body goes to sleep, is a full communication and communion with God – a wonderful, magical experience I will never understand. It doesn’t mean I neglect the growing body of studies in the science of sleep, but it just means that I have a stronger faith and less self-doubt in moving forward in life, trusting whatever may come in the process of learning how to be better and better each day, through the comfortable experience of sleeping, dreaming, imagining better days ahead, and living those tomorrows today.



He keeps His Word to me


So the question is, how do you know whether you are living your destiny? Simply said, whatever you do, you:

1. Enjoy, and it’s all

2. Easy.

And I’m telling you, writing is my purpose. Putting down history to tell the world the passing moments we are going through right now will never again happen twice in the history of the  universe, that’s my purpose.

A definite sign of myself getting mature is that I have learned to be less dependent on people but more dependent to God. He told me, for all of my days, that “I am your only refuge. You have My Word that I will always be here right beside you, inside you, very close to you.” And Jesus told me “I am the only living person who is willing to die for you and I give My love freely for you BECAUSE BELIEVE ME YOU ARE WORTHY. Don’t ever forget that.”


(See: Depression, depression…You’re such a killer.)



Pssst. You wanna know a secret? My boyfriend reminds me of Him, so I’m trying to depend more on him too. How can you not be touched when you are given unconditional love?


My consultant made sure I know the fact that I had tremendous strengths. Even though I’ve never known a father’s warmth (long family story), I am made to be able to know His love, despite not fully understanding Him through Christ yet. Then he reminded me that my dad on earth is temporary, but my eternal Daddy lives above. Nevertheless, they believe as I do believe that I am the only glue and the only hope and the epitome of love for my family, holding them together and bringing them back to believe in beautiful things – love, a good family, and a beautiful portrait of us.

Another point to remember is: Stick to my community. Stick to people. Stick to Christ and never let go of His hand. Reveal the fact that I am His masterpiece, or else, if I lose sight of my destination, my character makes me the ultimate destroyer, a self-destruction, and it’s hurtful for everyone.

And I don’t want that.

Because when you’re alone, you see nothing, no God, no life, then you kill yourself, and killing is a sin, and that makes you go through the most direct shortcut to hell, you’re not proving that you’re worthy even on earth, much less in heaven.

I learned a lot from giving up sleep this week.

But the price is… I gained weight… Oh no! They serve buffet all the way and I ate to my heart’s content.

So that makes the next challenge just that: Eating 1500 calories a day. That should be easy, considering I do crunches to distract myself away from food, prioritizing sleep, and that I’m really busy with school, especially now that it’s toward the end of the semester!!!




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Food fuels goods



An apple a day keeps the doctor far away
A cabbage soup a day keeps the nurse away too
While chocolate a day keeps the therapist away

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!
And a handful of nuts is when life gives you nuts!

So keep stress at bay and wake up fresh each day,
Have your oatmeals the first meal for the day
Before your wholesome health seizes the day!




Depression, depression… You’re such a killer.


November 2011


Stacia’s personal challenge of the week is sleeping for at least 8 hours a day, then crunching her midsection for 20 times, 2 times a day, to suppress symptoms of depression. To see her upcoming challenges, check out her challenge of the week page under the Agenda tab.


I gotta confess here: The past 2 days, I haven’t got enough sleep. Bad diet, and feeling so bad.

Although…. Crunches do help.

At least for a while, immediately after my last push.

Last night was quite alright – the first night I got a full 8-hour sleep since my last challenge ended.

However, this morning I really felt my worst – I really considered proclaiming that I couldn’t go on with life anymore. On a side note, I’m grateful that I am knowledgeable about all this. I’m conscious that my depression stems from the thought that I HAVE to be in Indonesia to be happy. It’s my stubbornness, my fixed point-of-view about this thought that breaks me down over here, depending fully on my struggle to lift up my moods by maintaining my overall well-being.

I know that I’m really stubborn about this. I can’t wait to graduate and go back home. That’s what keeps me going over here and makes me stick. I know I won’t leave my business unfinished.

Nevertheless, I’m still recovering. You know you can’t really recover from major depression within less than a year. Just because I now have a wonderful boyfriend and got to see my family again in the last few months doesn’t mean I can live happily ever after from now, nor can I avoid the tremendous worries and all these anxieties I have about the future. All this I believe comes from lack of sleep so all that wasted time to recharge becomes the dumping of more negative thoughts inside my head.

We all know we’ve got enough worries for the day. And crappy thoughts makes crappy mood.

Then, as I was reading my weekly guidebook for this week from my Church last Sunday service, it said:


For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.



Yeap, that’s the famous John 3:16 right there.

Only with more words from thesaurus, which helped me understand better what the Bible is saying.

This reminds me that no matter what, no matter how deep the shit I’m in, no matter how bad everything seems to be, I can always trust my Father. I can beg Him and plead to Him and depend myself on Him and only stick my soul to Him and no one else on this earth. He keeps me alive because he wants me to be joyful, then bring joy to this world.

You can call this stupid or simply ridiculous, like the crunches I do to suppress depression, but I believe that He wants me to be happy.

So then came my boyfriend today, saying for the second time about his beautiful dream, which are scenes when we will be together forever, and so I asked him how he feel… He said:


Happiest in my life



I’ve been bringing down my angel together with me, I confess (and I’m not feeling rainbows about it these days). I just wish I can be the kind of person who my loved ones can really count on. Like Jesus.

It will be a long journey of recovery. Well, actually pretty short, considering there’s not much time left until the day I graduate and leave this place.

Otherwise I will be lost forever in this deep shit. Seriously. And I know I’m not alone in this case.




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