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MUSIC: Cosmic Gate with Myon & Shane 54 – All Around You feat. Aruna

Label: Black Hole Recordings



This beautiful track is also featured in the 100th episode of Myon & Shane 54′s weekly podcast, International Departures. The episode is cut into 2 parts, episode 100 and 101, which has been, overall, an upbeat mix of cool mashups, fresh new tracks revisited, and trance classics revived. You can listen to the episodes for free on iTunes.


Track now available for purchase at Beatport.


MUSIC: Above & Beyond feat. Miguel Bosé – Sea Lo Que Sea Será (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Mix)

Label: Anjunabeats



Track now available for purchase at Beatport.

MUSIC: Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt -
 Be Your Sound (Extended Version)

Label: Black Hole Recordings

Track now available for purchase at Beatport.

Why I can’t live without chocolate


October 2011
I remember my afternoons in my room when I am not napping – a cup of green tea with a few bites of chocolates for midday snack – the perfect refreshment after a stressful day at school. Or a happy day. Or a sad one, when no one but chocolate would make my day.

Years later and I’m still here, nibbling a Ghirardelli square (Dark chocolate with white mint, 70 calories), and I sit down here and think: My day would be incomplete without chocolate.

Just yesterday noon I went to pick up some stuff my boyfriend requested his mother to give to me while she’s here in town for vacation. When I opened the box, it was full of Ferrero’s Dark Chocolate Rondnoir balls, with almonds in them, my favorite nut. Plus a couple more Japanese mochi, dark chocolate-flavored. I promise you, though, I won’t be getting diabetes. This is why I’m stopping my munching, sitting down here, and think through chocolate I mean the reasons behind my fascination behind the dark stuff.

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You always have a choice.

Available for print from my shop on Etsy.

© 2011, Stacia Priscilla


All you need to become…

© 2011, Stacia Priscilla

Done in Adobe InDesign, again. A little life philosophy, again.

I guess these creative softwares hold inherent symbiotic elements to my current emotional needs, so the whole typography-studying, digital drawing experience are pretty stress-busting.




7 pertanyaan paling sulit dijawab

BlackBerry broadcast message yg bikin otak muter…



Pertanyaan 1: Apa yg PALING DEKAT dgn diri kita di dunia ini?

Umatnya ada yg menjawab: “orang tua”, “biksu”, “teman”, “kerabatnya”.

Yg paling dekat dgn kita adalah “kematian”. Sebab kematian adalah PASTI adanya…


Pertanyaan 2: Apa yg PALING JAUH dari diri kita di dunia ini?

Umatnya ada yg menjawab: “negara Cina”, “bulan”, “matahari”.

Yg paling benar adalah “masa lalu”. Siapa pun kita, bagaimana pun kita dan betapa kayanya kita… tetap kita TIDAK bisa kembali ke masa lalu. Sebab itu kita hrs menjaga hari ini, hari2 yg akan datang…


Pertanyaan 3: Apa yg PALING BESAR di dunia ini?

Umatnya ada yg menjawab: “gunung”, “bumi”, “matahari”.

Yg plg besar dr yg ada di dunia ini adalah “nafsu”… Banyak manusia menjadi celaka krn menuruti hawa nafsunya. Segala cara dihalalkan demi mewujudkan impian nafsu duniawi karena itu kita hrs hati2 dgn hawa nafsu ini…


Pertanyaan 4: Apa yg PALING BERAT di dunia ini?

Di antara umatnya ada yg menjawab: “baja,” “besi”, gajah”, ….

Yg paling berat adalah “berjanji”…

Hal yg gampang diucapkan tp sulit dilakukan…


Pertanyaan 5: Apa yg PALING RINGAN di dunia ini?

Ada yg menjawab “kapas”, “angin”, “debu”, “daun2an”

Yg paling ringan di dunia ini adalah “Meninggalkan Ibadah”…


Lalu pertanyaan 6: Apakah yg PALING TAJAM di dunia ini?

Umatnya menjawab dgn serentak… “Pedang!”

Yg paling tajam adalah “lidah manusia” karena melalui lidah, manusia dgn mudahnya menyakiti hati, melukai perasaan…


Dan terakhir pertanyaan bonus: Apakah yg paling gampang di dunia ini?

Pada asal2an menjawab  “makan”, “tidur”

Yg paling gampang adalah “broadcast pesan ini” cuman copy lalu paste bis itu send all ke semua teman anda dan ingatkan mereka semua tentang perbuatan baik ini :)






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