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Why I can’t live without chocolate



October 2011
I remember my afternoons in my room when I am not napping – a cup of green tea with a few bites of chocolates for midday snack – the perfect refreshment after a stressful day at school. Or a happy day. Or a sad one, when no one but chocolate would make my day.

Years later and I’m still here, nibbling a Ghirardelli square (Dark chocolate with white mint, 70 calories), and I sit down here and think: My day would be incomplete without chocolate.

Just yesterday noon I went to pick up some stuff my boyfriend requested his mother to give to me while she’s here in town for vacation. When I opened the box, it was full of Ferrero’s Dark Chocolate Rondnoir balls, with almonds in them, my favorite nut. Plus a couple more Japanese mochi, dark chocolate-flavored. I promise you, though, I won’t be getting diabetes. This is why I’m stopping my munching, sitting down here, and think through chocolate I mean the reasons behind my fascination behind the dark stuff.

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You always have a choice.

Available for print from my shop on Etsy.

© 2011, Stacia Priscilla


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All you need to become…

© 2011, Stacia Priscilla

Done in Adobe InDesign, again. A little life philosophy, again.

I guess these creative softwares hold inherent symbiotic elements to my current emotional needs, so the whole typography-studying, digital drawing experience are pretty stress-busting.




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7 pertanyaan paling sulit dijawab

BlackBerry broadcast message yg bikin otak muter…



Pertanyaan 1: Apa yg PALING DEKAT dgn diri kita di dunia ini?

Umatnya ada yg menjawab: “orang tua”, “biksu”, “teman”, “kerabatnya”.

Yg paling dekat dgn kita adalah “kematian”. Sebab kematian adalah PASTI adanya…


Pertanyaan 2: Apa yg PALING JAUH dari diri kita di dunia ini?

Umatnya ada yg menjawab: “negara Cina”, “bulan”, “matahari”.

Yg paling benar adalah “masa lalu”. Siapa pun kita, bagaimana pun kita dan betapa kayanya kita… tetap kita TIDAK bisa kembali ke masa lalu. Sebab itu kita hrs menjaga hari ini, hari2 yg akan datang…


Pertanyaan 3: Apa yg PALING BESAR di dunia ini?

Umatnya ada yg menjawab: “gunung”, “bumi”, “matahari”.

Yg plg besar dr yg ada di dunia ini adalah “nafsu”… Banyak manusia menjadi celaka krn menuruti hawa nafsunya. Segala cara dihalalkan demi mewujudkan impian nafsu duniawi karena itu kita hrs hati2 dgn hawa nafsu ini…


Pertanyaan 4: Apa yg PALING BERAT di dunia ini?

Di antara umatnya ada yg menjawab: “baja,” “besi”, gajah”, ….

Yg paling berat adalah “berjanji”…

Hal yg gampang diucapkan tp sulit dilakukan…


Pertanyaan 5: Apa yg PALING RINGAN di dunia ini?

Ada yg menjawab “kapas”, “angin”, “debu”, “daun2an”

Yg paling ringan di dunia ini adalah “Meninggalkan Ibadah”…


Lalu pertanyaan 6: Apakah yg PALING TAJAM di dunia ini?

Umatnya menjawab dgn serentak… “Pedang!”

Yg paling tajam adalah “lidah manusia” karena melalui lidah, manusia dgn mudahnya menyakiti hati, melukai perasaan…


Dan terakhir pertanyaan bonus: Apakah yg paling gampang di dunia ini?

Pada asal2an menjawab  “makan”, “tidur”

Yg paling gampang adalah “broadcast pesan ini” cuman copy lalu paste bis itu send all ke semua teman anda dan ingatkan mereka semua tentang perbuatan baik ini :)






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Young lady gets herself pampered at home

Spring 2009


Oh, what fun. How I wish I was her.


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In Jakarta, this is how you realize the girl of your dreams



– Image courtesy of Miss Kristin Kickass via Tumblr


I have a confession to make: I go to the beauty parlor once a year, some years never. I go if I have to attend weddings, important events, or just want a new haircut. I have not a clue what a creambath is all about. Well, since we’re spilling secrets here: I’ve never done manicures before. Never in my entire life, though yes to pedicure one time, which was only because my mother wanted my company, and because I always pick my toenails.  Oh, especially my fingernails. God forbid, especially my boyfriend, for me to pick my toenails. When it comes to shopping, let me just say that I don’t wear crazy accessories. In other words, overall comfort is better than what I call physical pain (except for the whole stack of sky-high shoes I keep building up to cope with my shoes fetish).

Nevertheless, I’m a girl. And before I say anything else, I agree with the bitter truth: “It’s damn difficult to find that kind of girl”, as I myself find it hard to fit in to our society, where girlfriends would rather go spend hours at the salon just to blow your hair (when you can do it for free at home), adjust your fringe (which you can learn to do it by yourself), curl your mane (where you can save a lot of money by investing in a hair curler and you can curl your mane forever, for free), and that hours passed in your life at the salon could have been used for other forms of beauty treatments, like exercise (sweating makes skin glow)  or the long, luxurious hours of beauty sleep (resting keeps you mentally and physically young). Note they’re for free.


In defense of beauty

The equation proposed goes like this: Beauty + Nice = A-rated girl. Sounds simple enough.

What the beautiful girls do, as noted, “besides buying the right clothes, bags and shoes, girls in Jakarta they like to spend hours at the salon, getting their hair fixed or having their faces massaged.”

In other words, girls spend. Girls consume. Girls receive all the treatments they deserve, like any other lady down the street, a gentleman would think.

But all this goes back to the definition of beauty: Is it wholly materialistic? And if yes, does it come with a price tag? If not, is beauty purely God-given, then?

Picture that frisson of her gaze when you meet her eyes. And when you talk, every so often she gives you that piquant glance. Then you look down and you see Birkin bags and Prada shoes. Further up and you’ll notice the color of her dye and the stagnant curls of her hair. Back to her face – no signs of an approving smile.

My, now that view has to cost some ginormous price, for sure. And she does not want you to buy it, even after knowing you had a long day from work, if ever you’re financially ready. Lest her daddy hunts you down and kick your thing.

Those times can be put to use for a man and his A-rated future wife to spend time with each other, playing together, fighting with each other (and probably have a superb make-up date later?), if time and money spent to keep up with her beauty were not lost. Guys, you’re missing out – the money’s in your hand, and she’s got all her time in the world – She doesn’t look interested,  and you’re letting her go?

I’m trying not to philosophize too much, but here’s my point: When we assume that popular opinion is the ultimate truth, the unchangeable, undeniable fact, we let things become that reality. And so we stick to it, live it, consciously or not, while leaving what we truly want inside, like a quiet desperation in this wasted life, only exist in dreams as you let others convince you to believe as it is – only in dreams.

It’s not just about paying the haircut fee for her beauty, you see. Whether you’re convinced to marry her or not, make your nice girl to make enough effort to look good for you (and that’s the thrill of the chase), while she’s busy being a nice person, smiling to everyone (including the hairdresser). Before you know it, voila, you get an A-rated girl. Or the other way round. She’s demanding and she doesn’t smile. So what? Man up; make her listen to you, gentleman. I know it sounds simple enough, and I’m no testosterone – but realize that it’s as simple as the definition of an A-rated girl. Be dashing, and be likable.


“Men are greedy”

Few weeks ago, a guy friend confided in me, saying that he wanted the rare breed of girls, the type with a “socialist look, but deep down is a simple, ordinary girl.” He felt he had to move up the career ladder because he wanted to have an A-rated girl as a girlfriend. He was a  very picky guy, I won’t say completely greedy, just because he has never had a girlfriend before in his entire life (mid-20s), and claimed that for the first and last time he’s to have a girlfriend, it has to be his definition of A-rated girl. “Most girls want security,” he reasons, so his recent job change made him feel more confident in finding a mate, finally.

If you are rushing to get married, without asking yourself whether you really want her and she really wants you, then you’re doomed to get dumped down the road, if ever that girl is a beautiful girl but not nice, or you’ll leave her if she’s nice but not much of a looker. I remember a couple of Sundays ago, my pastor at church shared a true story that best illustrates  a modern woman. There was this one time a particular husband lost a lot of money due to the economic downturn, and the woman, completely aware that they were married in Christ for more than 2 years, sought advice from our pastor in the following manner of speech: “Pastor, when is the best time I should leave him?”

Look, I’m no girl’s girl, a recovering not-nice girl, and everyday I try to find the most economical ways to beautify this physique, which is not even close to that of a supermodel but still conforms to the media’s expectations. But I can tell you that it takes effort, because I know men are simply different from women, and their visual cortex is double the women’s, and then all her curves stays permanently in his head, and that’s how this mental picture stays close in his heart, that’s just how men are designed to operate, biologically speaking. Aside from that, I know that making the effort is worth it – because it renews my confidence, plus it inflates the man’s ego.

Just like women, men should be brave enough to chase their dreams. Effort does not exist only in rupiahs. And money means nothing when you earn it without the girl who deserves an A.

“I think you are my greatest trophy,” recited my boyfriend. That is, provided that I have to stop picking my nails. Like I’m doing right now.




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Circus pigs


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Sip green tea to maintain cardiovascular health (and preventing diseases)



Recent research at Purdue University concluded that a compound found in green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells and has been shown to lower LDL cholesterols. This compound is the antioxidant catechin polyphenols, namely epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

For at least 4,000 years ago, the Chinese have been drinking green tea to cure something as mild as headaches to depression at its worst. Emperor Shennong, the legendary teacher of Chinese agriculture, claimed in The Divine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic that Camellia sinensis added into the diet helps in treating lethargy too.

All teas, including White, Black, Oolong teas, are extracted from the plant Camelia sinesis. Green tea, however, is unique because it is less processed of all teas. It is steamed, thus maintaining the quality of EGCG, the main anti-inflammatory and antioxidant content of Camelia sinesis. In contrast, other teas ended up having their EGCG content oxidized through fermentation, converting the compound into something else less effective in preventing diseases while losing its antioxidant quality.

“Green tea has important antioxidants and compounds that help in maintaining good health,” as health professionals told WebMD. While keeping that in mind, “lifestyle and overall diet are critical to the outcomes of these studies.”

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Sex appeal, shame, and the life of an SPG


October 2011


Sex Appeal, Shame, and the Life of an SPG for The Jakarta Globe