WRITE 6-sentence stories with new vocabulary


September 2011



Stacia’s personal challenge of the week is writing 6-sentence stories a day to practice her writing skills and build her vocabulary. To see her upcoming challenges, check out her challenge of the week page under the Agenda tab.

So I wrote most of my 6-sentence stories on The 6S Social Network. I diligently followed all days except on the 18th, 21st and 22nd, to which I’m making them right here while writing this post. Here, just for you readers:



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Why not be a writer?





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Snack on nori to burn fat

Picture from Electic Eating Chicago on ChicagoNow

Better known as the wrappers around sushi, nori is a sea vegetable that functions as a potent metabolite in our body, thanks to its rich content in essential minerals required in our everyday diet. They contain virtually all the trace minerals found in the ocean – a very broad range of them – which are rarely found on land vegetables but are vital nutrients to the human blood.

The seaweed is popular in the Asian, Mediterranean, and the Nordic countries. In fact, archaeologists have found that the Japanese cultures have been consuming the sea vegetables for more than 10,000 years. In the West, people usually call it “laver”, as it is the main ingredient used for making laver bread, a traditional Welsh dish constituting mainly of seaweed.

According to reports from the UN Food and Agriculture Department, nori make it as one of the most nutritious seaweeds out there.

Nori, and other sea vegetables in general, is gaining a lot of attention in the celebrity culture right now. Victoria Beckham reportedly encouraged her fellow Spice Girls members to drink her algae and seaweed-based shake for their bodies to get in shape in preparation for their 2007 comeback tour. Advocates of “macrobiotic” diets such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow consume a wide range of ocean vegetables in hopes of slowing down signs of aging and staying healthy. “Aging is basically going from grape to raisin, and sea vegetables keep you young and juicy,” said Jessica Porter, author of The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics. According to her, eating a single large serving of arame seaweed twice a week will allow the skin “bouncing back like a baby’s ass.”

How is that so? Well, the main reason would be that nori has practically zero fat and usually contain very little calories.

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Eat oatmeal for breakfast to lose weight

Picture from MedicMagic.net

Oatmeal is a natural grain that has a rich source of essential nutrients our bodies require to function properly.

When you include oatmeal into your diet, you are providing a healthier balance for your daily nutritional value. As breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, you will get a head-start to a more fulfilling day by incorporating this simple yet filling meal.

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The relationship between women and problems


This came from a friend through forwarded message.

Don’t you agree? :p




What size would you like?

Taken by me, at a Korean restaurant.




What happened today that I’m grateful about



I AM gratified.



1) I got 9 hours of sleep. Though not straight hours of sleep, but it’s 9.

2) I got time for some intimate sharing with my friend, Maria, while in the BART on our way home from Sunday church. We see each other eye-to-eye, after a couple of years being mere classmates. Plus, I was blessed by the visiting Pastor, because he prayed for my goodwill.

3) My boyfriend and I got to talk about our private matters in our private areas (Like, sexually). After all, today is our three-month mark, and we still have forever to go for the upcoming sexciting events to come. We discuss things openly, that’s what I’m glad about. Most couples don’t do that.


SALUNA is signing off.

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The word is ‘believe’



In the beginning, there was the word. Self gives birth to it. From it bears many positive things. The question is, how?

The scribe told the self: “write a letter,” and the letter is “I”, a name it calls itself. Thus, a long life line is born. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either horizontal or vertical. Seldom does the self see both in line (+).

Self first see it as a strip (-). The scribe says, “It is ‘eye’ “. He instructs: “Use your eye.”

Thus the saying, believing is seeing, where most selfs thought to be the other way round. This is why some life lines go in circles, strips and strips and stripping down to nothingness.

How can you not be “I”? How can you see if you have not read the written word? How can you tell the message on the letter when you have eyes, many eyes, but no vision?

And so, they believe. The eyes, the “I”s, the self.

In the far distance, the scribe has just witnessed another life turned over. There are many more strips to turn before His good eyes, he noted to himself.




A moment of gratitude for today



I AM thinking of good things.



As an attempt to reduce my worries and plentiful negative thoughts, I’m writing down some of the good things that happened to me today.

I video chat with my boyfriend. He looks at me the same way he looks at me when we first met. He looks after me as if I’m the most precious thing in his life, which I am. I’m someone special to someone else, and I have a special someone in my life in return too. We share, we grow together, and we nurture this relationship further. As of tomorrow, we’ll be reaching the 3-month mark. It won’t be an itch if God is the center of our relationship.

I also exercised for 2 straight hours today. It has been a while since I’ve last worked out that long. I’m frankly quite surprised I am still strong enough to achieve that, especially from a night of not getting enough sleep.



SALUNA is signing off.

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