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Marketing survival: Murder 2.0



What does it take for the heathen in squalor to adopt a more vivacious life? Obviously, the answer is neither Jesus nor Buddha. Not for our filthy gentile here.

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Office gossip



Merlin’s beard! Nobody mentioned that the Hogwarts castle has a crystal ball stored somewhere within the school grounds.

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Deep oceans

Summer came and went. The autumn sale collection for this year has arrived in a flash. Unfortunately, there’s nothing out there that can cover the freckles on her face.

Over the break, she, too, grew quiet. Every single day, she kept writing on quixotic endings to the story of her life, planning every age of her chapters, obsessed about the smallest stuff.

She used to glide, and now she skulks. Watching her from afar, everybody was cooing over how she eventually became this way.

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O.C.: The twilight zone



I wrote this piece back when I was in high school. It was inspired by the hit TV drama series The O.C. I’ve never been there before at that time, but I just let my imagination rule the piece. Hope you like it.


Every night, the sky is illuminated with millions of stars in different shapes and sizes, sparkling brightly like individual diamonds. The pulsating gleams reflect the atmosphere of the mansion, where no one is stoic and everyone is constantly moving.

Orange County is where it is, where it’s jam-packed with exciting events every night. Whether it’s a birthday or a new year, parties will be held at this mansion, the one mansion that is situated just beside Newport Beach. As the saying goes, beach is where the American dreams come true. Outside the veranda of the master bedroom, where couples will be during these parties, you can see the silver crescent moon shining for you. Along with the sea of stars surrounding them, the waters of Newport Beach mirrors the ever-changing faces you’ll find in the party. This is why the bedroom is perfect for couples: a view so beautiful, as if it came to life from a neat piece by Picasso, and the colorful ornaments of every shade you can think of – perfect. Yes, the ornaments include a magenta bedroom of pillows cloaked in periwinkle blue; walls of wallpapers printed with pictures of ancient Greek gods all in brown, posing as if cameras are all around; a red carpet stretching across the parquet floor, and a murky-green wardrobe that stood aloof in the right corner beside the bed. Where can you find another place so colorful, so absolute, and so complete that it makes our dates so perfect? Fairytale is not an alternative, because Seth Cohen’s mansion is where you should begin with for a long-lasting relationship.

If you try to walk out of the bedroom, don’t worry because it is still a whole world beyond your dreams and imagination. As you tip-toe down each step of the rounded staircase, you are actually drawing closer and closer to the life of the party, where on each step you’ll hear someone yells, though you cannot make out the words, as those words are actually floating about an air of more words, of which, all together, creates a place with full of life. The minute you step on the ground floor, the first thing you’ll notice is not a celebrity, never a chimpanzee, but, as bizarre as it seems, it is the smell of cocktails and champagnes. Alcohols can get richer and more famous than Britney Spears, or Ace Ventura’s company (the faithful chimpanzee), especially in parties held by someone with such a lavish lifestyle. The Cohens is a rich family, as obviously indicated by the size of their mansion and the acres it covered. Not only the Cohens are wealthy, but they have neighbors like the Nichols and the Coopers who owns Orange County. All this make up a rich district, comparable to Bill Gates’ home. Everyone in the neighborhood seems to know one another, and so they gather every night at the Cohens to celebrate as one family.

At the ground floor of flying corks of champagnes and floating glasses of cocktails, you will easily find the world’s most remarkable designer clothing lines worn by people who are adorned with the brightest jewelries. This view has far more colors than the rainbow has, where jades shine under purple shawls and sapphires lit under pink frills of Versace dresses. These people are the hippest, the famous and the first persons people talk about in the neighborhood. At Orange County, daytimes are not as effervescent as twilight, due to the habit of these people flaunting their shining garments hither and thither in the night, making darkness a resemblance of joy and happiness.

Chauffeurs and limousines waited outside the gate and housemaids and gardeners by the poolhouse. They anticipated until the break of dawn, where the house will be littered with spills of alcohols and tissue papers spreading everywhere around the living room so large it can fit elephants. However, the living room is where the life of these parties are located, where the kitchen, the garden, the bedrooms and the poolhouse are combined to create one enlightening atmosphere that is far beyond any description, where the animation is present, and where the heart of Orange County is every night.




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Moving words



From left to right,

You scan at me, deeper and deeper down

to the next line

of me. I got you on the head,

my first line –

You keep staring at my form

I don’t under-stand why

You don’t move

As I am slowly but surely

directing your way out.

You chose to go deeper down to the ground.

Listen to me: Don’t look at my body

I couldn’t care less about

how much I am

or why I am the way I look.

It was all written

before, they were scripted.

I am a whole new inscription.

Now go, lead your own way

to a new direction!

Take action, my reader:
[Turn to your next chapter]





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Directing the director

...and, action!

I am a woman – a man-made computer.

Please use me whenever you wish, but read the signs:


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Dark, chocolatey Toblerone



“So see you at 7?”

“See you at 7 :) Can’t wait!”

“Me too. Bye!”

She quickly clicked on to another chat window, telling her best friend about her hot date tonight.

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Putting on a show

“Go on! Tell the world how many lives you can save! They won’t care!”
“I don’t care.”
“I’m telling you, girl, it’ll be a very hard life for you.”
“I don’t care what you say. Anyway, I’d better be going.”
“Well, whatever suits you then. Off you go, now.”

She grabbed her journal, slamming the door shut. Behind her, the step-mother was staring blankly at the knob.







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Baby Talk

“Good writers know how to do two very different things equally well – write like a writer and think like one.” – Anne Bernays
The baby girl was sitting quietly at the corner with her crayons and blank papers. Unlike other talented babies around her, she can neither draw nor color. She can only illustrate with her language using words.