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Blog Action Day 2009: Don’t stop Mother Earth to keep it rollin’


October 2009


The moxie is ready to roll. Rollin’ like a round and dewy blueberry.

Just like planet Earth. Dearest, Mother Earth.

She’s been rolling for eons, and she still managed to maintain her zest and her pizazz up to this day.

That’s why I look up to her. Not anti-aging creams, not fast-and-easy diets, not beautifying pills, but nature itself; with her ability to purify her mind, body, and soul every morning and jump start a refreshing day. Be it having some quiet time meditating to unplug and restore her powers, be it keeping up the ratio of fresh lands and water to 2:8 every day, be it simply providing an open place for you, me, and the rest of the world, to live in. What’s more to not learn from her?

Un-plug: Having some downtime away from your TV, your computer, or cell phones not only makes you less stressed but also more efficient when you’re up again. Sleep more if you need to, because you’ll wake up fresh and regain your powers to conquer the day, just like the Superwoman that you are.

Almost 80% of Mother Earth is made up of water. Almost 80% of our body is made up of water. So you can pretty much guess how much water we need to replenish our body. Not only that we need to drink at least a volume of 8 glasses of water daily, taking into account that we can get water from food too, we also need fresh produce, not processed foods, in order to keep up with the Sleeping Beauty and the Superwoman that we all are. Mother Earth has already been provided with everything she’ll ever need from God, so she doesn’t need the munchies the human species take away from her, which were processed, packaged, and manufactured with harmful gas emissions worldwide. Replenishing is like reusing, reducing, and recycling, in balance. Replenishing ourselves only requires so much to maintain our freshness, because, like Mother Earth’s water cycle, we don’t need floods nor droughts when less is more.



Open Up!: It’s not a matter of getting a place for you to live in, although that’s what you need in order to survive. It’s about opening up yourself for people to walk by, come in, and have their places in your heart, and in time, when you put yourself out there towards the people around you, the larger community, and eventually to the world and in the end to Mother Earth herself, that’s when you’ve made yourself fit enough to survive in her place. Mother Earth won’t sit still in place and wait to see what will happen next in order to survive. She keeps rollin’.

If we stop her from rollin’, with our unproductive TV-popcorn time, our tremendous Coke and Pepsi consumptions, and the mini-mountains and little clutters in our lives weighing us down, unlike her method of survival skills, how is she going to survive now?

The people who lived back then didn’t have all these stuff that we have now.

There are days when people are slimmer than the TV, whereas nowadays TVs are slimmer than people.

Imagine way back then when there are no TVs, people are constantly on the move, so that they can hunt for food and look for a shelter to survive. But with the whole process of spraying pesticides, added chemicals, and burning nature’s vital energy sources, you only get a pack of popcorns that you can down it all in one seating, plus a Coke and a Pepsi, where afterwards their dumps are going to harm Mother Earth even more.

Imagine a day when you reduce your TV time, eat during your proper mealtimes and not in front of the TV, and eating the foods that you cook out of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat that you stored in the fridge. With that much extra free time and extra energy, what can’t you do? Desktop multi-tasking, taking action through blogging, rule the world? Who’s in?

Not only you’re making your fridge more efficient, as it was worth the electricity bill by storing your fresh produce, you’re also saving dough and making use of that dough for a good use, thus a good cause. Fritos and Lays cost so much with empty nutritional values, so they keep you hungry and buy them even more, and there goes your dough. The good cause is, you won’t affect the global economy if you’d rather go outside on a nice day, picking apples and strawberries instead of driving your way to the grocery store. Another added bonus is, you can get creative in the kitchen! Someday, maybe be a chef and earn some extra dough!

Growing a tree of health is investing the extra wealth, without affecting, or better yet, improving, Mother Earth’s recent changes in climate. There is no need for deforestation if we have the dough to own a land and have the heart to share the love by planting our own trees. There is no need for more cars in our homes because we can have more space and we can just walk to practically anywhere we want, anytime we want, with the little extra time saved from eating well at mealtimes and watching good TV shows for some time, while exploring the world out there at the same time. We don’t need extra carbon dioxide emissions when we don’t drive around as much, especially when we’ve walked as far as we could and increased our fitness levels to maximize our oxygen intake.

Then you can walk back home and down jugs of water to feel fresh as ever.

When it’s time to sleep, lights off and plugs out, phones off and Macs shut, you’ll manage the next day with the zest and the pizazz that you need to jump start a refreshing day.

Munch a bunch of blueberries to keep it rollin’.

The morning dews are smiling at you, and so is Mother Earth.