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I left my heart somewhere …





… over the Bay Bridge.
Modeling here is Andri P.


San Francisco, CA
Fall 2008
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Inspired by “Out of the Sky” by Lange & Sarah Howells (Kyau & Albert mix)

You weigh yourself down with jugs of beers and heaps of humongous-breasted women all around you, and then reach multiple orgasms; countless, countless orgasms every single night. Those howls of joy from all the oversexed animals, they make YOU an animal. You move in and out and in and out, and then you move harder and harder and faster and faster… and then your mind burst into shimmers and sparks. Wonderful, ain’t it?
But the morning after is never that pretty. You heave all the alcohols, you forget the animals – fuzzy, fuzzy, dizzy, dizzy; it’s like a seasick. When you’re lost at sea, when you don’t know which direction to go next, when you dread living this life any longer, look up to the sky. It’s another kind of blue; it’s a vast, bright sky to fill you with joyous days, not drown you deep into the sea.

Remember the rainy days when you used to fall so deeply for her? One thought of her and you give yourself a melancholic smile. You used to love her ever so tenderly; you used to submit yourself completely – all that without the slightest appreciation. Good for nothing, thus you lost everything. It becomes empty inside as each memory strike you in the heart, one by one, and another one, and another one;they crash and they smash your heart to give you broken pieces of dreams. It’s hurtful, ain’t it?
That’s when you come to feel something missing inside – Morning becomes fuzzy and dizzy with blurry visions of memories; it’s like a seasick. You should then look up to the sky, because it’s another kind of love; it’s always waiting for you no matter what.

Look up to the sky! The morning is brilliant and beautiful with its clouds of silver linings and golden rays of sunshine dancing merrily on the surface of the sea like little diamonds – it’s another opportunity for a fresh beginning. Listen to her words of wisdom. Engrave them in your heart so that they will never be washed away by waves of tears, or forgotten and left vanish into thin air, or attacked by bits and pieces of memories. Feel her – Inhale the soft breeze brushing against your body, inhale the air of love that is all around you, all around everything; she’s ambient, she’s omniscient, she’s limitless. The sky is limitless.

Sing all you want, dance all you want, laugh all you want, cry all you want; can you feel her now?
Feel good, ain’t it?