August 2014: Monthly roundup


And here’s the roundup of the month in case you missed them. It’s great to have learned that just by going sans PJs gets you the best uninterrupted sleeps, and that most skincare products in the market aren’t exactly worth the dime. Aside from tasting the hits and misses in some of the latest restaurants in town, I also suggest you bookmark these flicks to warm up those eye muscles for some of the biggest movies next year (so stoked for Fifty Shades here). More great stuff cooking up next month!



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August 2014: Link love


Note: Happy weekend! Time for best links from the Web this month to round up before we enter September. Don’t know about you, but it seems as if it was just yesterday Indonesia turned 69th being independent. But for August, I’ve been feeling extra empowered as a woman out of it. I feel it in my bones – new president, new you. Hope you enjoy these links as much as I do:


1. 20 beauty tips every woman should know. [Makeup]

2. Miranda Kerr’s 7 rules for adulthood. Well said. [Into the Gloss]

3. Going solo: 10 relaxing destinations to liberate yourself[HuffPost]

4. Dining out: The most romantic places in Jakarta. [JKTGO Blog]

5. 49 life skills every modern woman should have. Agree with #25. [Dear Wendy]



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via Better Homes / Into the Gloss / HuffPost / JKTGO / HuffPost


Lunch at Locanda


I remember as a kid how I used to get psyched whenever my brothers voted for Tony Roma’s for dinners on Sundays. Sunday dinners are meals my family always have together, and the 3 of us (my older brothers and I) would vote for the cuisine we’d most like to eat.


Although we’ll have different cuisines almost every week, sometimes we’d taste great foods and create unforgettable moments at very particular places, which kept us coming back. One of them is Tony Roma’s. The American chain used to be located here at Panin Center Building, but just a couple of months ago, the whole ground was renovated to uphold this new restaurant, Locanda.

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Before 2014 ends: 30 most buzzed-about upcoming films


After putting down to-watch lists for the past year (winter 2013-2014, spring 2014, summer 2014 blockbusters), I feel like I’m getting into the groove. Like most Indonesians right now, I’m disappointed that everybody has seen the awesomeness of Guardians and are now probably enjoying Lois Lowry’s Jeff Bridges-starring, Taylor Swift-featuring book-turned-film adaption, The Giver. Some of us are willing to run off to Singapore just to watch these flicks.


But in all fairness, it seems like as the years go by, movies get better and the summer blockbusters run longer. I personally don’t mind if the movie isn’t as boring as Transformers 3 (ahem), because fact is, I rarely check the time whenever I’m in the cinema. Fortunately, it looks like 2015 is going to be one fantastic year in film, at least to me. Just look at this rundown of some of the most anticipated films in the year to come:

2015 in film
Which 3 movies are you looking forward to watching the most next year?

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